Short Film

Watch our selection of the very best short films. These have been selected by our short film judging panel and audience viewing data.
Tony and the bull
Salt Short Film
Caroline Short Film
Hybrids | Animation About Pollution
New Years Eve Short Film
Last Words | Written by Simon Armitage
Craig's Pathetic Freakout
Game Changer | Family Friendly Animation
Drug Runner | Short Film
Before The Storm | Youth Culture Documentary
The Fly Short Film
The Hungry Corpse | Bill Nighy Short Film
Love Is Blind | Romantic Comedy Short Film
While You Were Away
3x3 | Family Friendly Short Film
Adam | Animation About Depression
The John | Dark Comedy Short Film
Star Cross'd | Shakespeare Short Film
A Reasonable Request | Dark Comedy
Team Numbi At Work | Short Documentary
The Counselor | Gripping Drama Short Film
Born Again | Comedy Horror Short Film
The Boyfriend Game | Short Film Drama
Oil & Water | Short Documentary Film
Your Country Needs Youth | Short documentary
Fuck Steve | Short film about depression
Offline Dating Short Documentary
Weighting Short Film Starring Brie Larson
Glenn Owen Dodds | Starring David Wenham
Bear | Nash Edgerton Short Film
Roger Short Film
Short Film - How Was Your Day?
Ten Metre Tower | Short Documentary
Standby Short Film
Operator Short Film
Spoetnik | Surreal Romantic Comedy
We Keep On Dancing
Black Swell | Short Film
Crack | Comedy Short Film
Born to Be Mild
Rajai 030516 | London Gang Documentary
Masterpiece Short Film
Mouse Short Film
The Scared One | Horror Short Film
Digits Short Film
The Present Short Film
The Bigger Picture | Short Film
Creswick Short Film
Another Cancer Movie | Short Film
L'oiseau Qui Danse | Music Video
Valencia Road Short Film Drama
Larry Short Film
Mountain Fever | Short Drama
The Crossing
The Ningyo | Fantasy Short Film
Well Groomed | Comedy Documentary
Kitty and Ellen
Cool Unicorn Bruv
The Big Shave
Cautionary Tales
Time Chicken | Animated Short Film
Bar Talk
The Short Story Of A Fox And A Mouse
The Ultimate Test Drive
Gremlins: Recall
Sputnik-2 or: Laika, Our Hero
I Dream Of Zombies | Comedy Horror Short Film
No One Is Safe From Son of Sam | Documentary
Salad Fingers Episode 1: Spoons
Valley Of A Thousand Hills
The Good Time Girls
Yes, God, Yes
Fish Story Short Film
Dawn of the Deaf
Return to High Chaparral
Her Friend Adam
No Other Way To Say It
The Internet Warriors
The Robbery
Snake Bite
Whale Valley
Never Happened
Project X
Best Wishes
The Open Doors
Don't Move
Lights Out
A Writer and Three Script Editors Walk Into a Bar
Makeover Short Film
Times Like Dying
All's Fair Short Film
Thunder Road
Code 8
Gregory Go Boom