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How to use our movie apps

Download the discover film app from Google Play, the App Store. Once registered, you can create playlists and continue watching on any device.

Watch over 1,500 of the world’s best short films, comedies, dramas and kids series in our movie apps available on mobile and TV. Use your iPhone, iPad, Laptop, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, or Android device to watch movies and short form entertainment where and when you want. A lite version of the app is available on Amazon Fire TV and Roku TV.


Installing the free movie app

To install the movie app on your device simply type “Discover Film” into Amazon Fire, Roku or Apple search on your smart TV or into the App Store or Google Play if on mobile.

You can save films to ‘watch lists’ and download films to watch offline. 

Install now and watch free films that you want to watch, when you want to watch them on mobile and TV or stream online.


Why download our movie apps?

  • Watch over 1,500 films and other short form entertainment.
  • Download movies within our apps to watch offline.
  • Watch action, documentaries, dramas, horror, sci-fi, comedy and family friendly.
  • New short movies and other short form entertainment are added every day so you always have something new to watch.
  • Stream to TV, mobile or web.


If you are a filmmaker, why have your film in the app?

  • Promote your short film to a worldwide audience from over 190 countries.
  • The movie apps are built by filmmakers for filmmakers, and we ensure only the very best short films will be placed alongside yours.
  • Get seen by short form content buyers from airlines, TV and VOD platforms.


Screenshots of the Discover Film movie app

screenshots discover film movie app


Free film download – how to download movies to your phone

For mobile app users, once registered, you can download films and store them within the app to watch offline. If you want to watch a short movie when you are not connected to wifi or your phone/cell network, then you can choose to sync (i.e. download) movies to your iPhone or iPad or Android device using the Discover Film app. To download movies, follow the instructions below:

  • Download and open the free movie app on your iPhone or iPad or Android device.
  • Navigate to the video that you want to sync/download within the app.
  • On the movie of your choice, tap the offline sync button to start downloading the video to your device.
  • We advise doing this over wifi – if over your phone/cell network, please be aware of you data usage.
  • Once the video download is complete, you are free to disconnect from wifi or your phone/cell network.
  • You can watch or delete your synced movies by clicking the menu button, and then offline videos. Click the X button to remove the movie from your device.


How do I Chromecast movies?

Chromecast from your computer

  1. Login to the Discover film streaming platform and go to a movie page.
  2. Click the Chromecast button in your Chrome browser of if you don’t have a button, go to settings (3 dots top right of screen), and then select ‘cast’ from the options.
  3. Select the Chromecast device that you want to connect to.
  4. If successful, Chromecast will then be connected and your movie will be playing on your TV.
  5. To disconnect from Chromecast, click the Chromecast button, then the ‘stop casting’ button, or again go to settings and select ‘stop casting’ from the options.

Chromecast from your Android device

  1. Make sure your phone and your Chromecast are connected to the same wifi network.
  2. Open the Android free movie app. Your videos will load.
  3. When you start playing a movie, tap the “cast” button that appears in the lower right side of the video controls.
    What the chromecast button looks like
  4. Choose the Chromecast device from the options that appear.
  5. Once connected, your video player screen will change to let you know that the movie you are watching is now on your primary cast screen.


How do I get the movie app on Amazon Fire or Roku TV?

You can easily view the movies from Discover Film on your Amazon TV or Roku TV by following these steps:

  1. Add the free Amazon channel to your Amazon or Roku device.
  2. Once installed open it and click sign in. The free movie app will then give you an activation code.
  3. On a different device (computer or phone), visit the activate page & login (if you are not).
  4. Enter the code from the Amazon or Roku channel, and click activate.
  5. The app will load and you are all set to watch.


More free movie apps – Apple TV and Android TV

Follow the same instructions as above to get the free app and activate it on Apple TV or Android TV.


Other platforms where you can discover short movies

Our content is available on Samsung TV in the UK as a linear TV service, is embedded on Huawei handsets and can be watched via on-board entertainment systems in trains an planes.

AI powered content discovery

We have worked with artificial intelligence development company AI Aware – see – which has helped develop our content recommendation engine using AI to curate and audit video content for viewers.