About discover film

Watch short movies, documentaries & series, featuring Hollywood stars and emerging talent anywhere

The multi-award winning streaming platform, discover.film, is the world’s best destination for watching quality, short form entertainment.

Watch premium short movies, comedies, dramas & kids series across a wide variety of genres and languages. Subscribers can stream or download films on any internet connected screen.

discover.film channels and apps are currently available on over 10 million Smart TVs and over 100 million mobile handsets, watched by 1 million+ viewers every month. 

Stream discover.film on Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Apple iOS, Android TV, Android Mobile, Jio set top boxes, Huawei, Roku, Samsung Mobile and Samsung TV Plus. The service is also available on Viacom’s, major airlines and Eurostar trains.

discover.film also has a dedicated app providing support for mental help and well-being. The app provides a visual toolkit with psychotherapy, techniques and tips and meditations to help with anxiety, stress, sleep and more.  Content in our apps is displayed using AI-content technology from AI Aware. For more information on AI-Aware’s work with AI to recommend content see their AI Content Checker.