Movies for mobile is changing the world of entertainment by making the exciting genre of short film mainstream. We source the very best short movies, documentaries & dramas. These are typically between 5 and 15 minutes which means that they are perfect for watching on mobile.

Over 2 million viewers in 216 countries watch our films each year. manages a streaming platform available on Google Play, App Store,  Amazon Fire, Roku and Apple TV.  Once registered, users can log-in across multiple devices, create playlists and download movies to watch offline.

We host one of the biggest short film festivals in the world, The Discover Film Awards. From this we license the best short movies. We also get content creators an audience by distributing films to cinemas, planes, trains, hotels and video on demand channels. Data from these platforms show that our short form entertainment is in the top 10 per cent most watched. in onboard entertainment systems:

Discover Film Hayu and Vice in an onboard entertainment system

The central hub for short form content creators

  • receives over 5,000 short films, documentaries and dramas per year. Our team review these in order to license the best.
  • We work with special effects designers, animation studios and film schools around the world to source short movies.
  • Our own distribution platform gives film makers a global audience across an array of devices.
  • We connect film makers with paid distribution and investment opportunities.

Why the mobile movie market is growing

The world of tv & film is changing.

  • With viewers, attention spans are getting shorter.
  • The roll out of 5G globally means that watching movies on mobile is increasing.
  • With short film producers, budgets are increasing and technology is improving rapidly.
  • The wider tv market is fragmenting with huge growth in direct to consumer OTT (over-the-top) delivery.

However, with all this change supply isn’t meeting demand. One issue is that viewers can’t find the very best short movies as the sources are fragmented. Another issue is that content creators aren’t aware of which video on demand platforms will license their films. In addition, the platforms aren’t aware of the best short films. is fixing these problems.

The team

The team are a mixture of passionate filmmakers, developers and entrepreneurs who have started and run successful global media, technology and data businesses. The senior management team consists of:

Stephen Harmston

  • Founder VentureSource Europe, an online database business backed by Reuters Venture Capital and successfully sold to Dow Jones.
  • Created, built and ran Data Reports for YouGov Plc. He grew this to profitable multi million revenue business.

Sarah Jane Thomson

  • Founded Thomson Intermedia (Ebiquity). She floated it for £30m before building as CEO of Plc to over £100m.
  • Founder of First News, which is the biggest read children’s publication in the UK.

Jaine Green

  • Filmmaker and senior exec who has produced TV series and films for BBC, Sky, ABC, Nat Geo and Channel 4.
  • Jaine has won numerous TV and film awards. in numbers

  • 2 million+ viewers of short films on various platforms in 216 countries.
  • These viewers watch 100,000+ hours of our movies each year.
  • 5,000+ submissions to film festivals annually from over 100 countries.
  • 1,500+ tv and film professionals, fimmakers and social influencers attend events.
  • 50,000+ downloads of apps.

Brands we partner with

We work with a wide range of institutions. A selection are listed below.

What people are saying about

“The Discover Film Awards shows that the Phoenix is not just a cinema with a great past, but one which has an important part to play in the future of filmmaking.”

Michael Palin discover film
Michael Palin

“They are a cutting-edge content provider. The short films curated by are some of the very best in the industry.”

Roger Matthews, Managing Director, GoMedia
Roger Matthews, Managing Director, GoMedia

“I had such a great time. What a wonderful festival!”

Lisa Edelstein

“Genuine promotion of their award winners and shorts in general.  Without a doubt one of the best festivals out there.”

Jean-Marie Marbach, Director, L’oiseau qui danse
Jean-Marie Marbach, Director, L’oiseau qui danse

“‘From someone who watches a lot of content, I can tell you that the short films from are such a refreshing change.”

Angela Bryant, Inflight Entertainment Manager, Etihad Airways

“Love and their content.”

Duchess of York talking about how much likes Discover Film
Sarah, Duchess of York

“The Discover Film Awards showcases the crème de la crème of movie shorts.”

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