Distribution partnerships

Commercial Distribution

discover.film partners with the world’s best. From distribution partners and content creators, to telecommunication giants and brands – all to deliver the world’s best quality short form entertainment globally

discover.film is distributed worldwide via its own app and airline partners and via a network of global telco giants, including Huawei where it appears as a pre-loaded app available on over 100 million handsets across 28 countries.

discover.film has been built with the best technology to create a powerful and stable infrastructure enabling our apps to be integrated on any partner platform allowing robust, high quality streaming to TV Standards.

discover.film has existing partnerships in place with; Huawei, Xiamoi, Samsung, Jio, a wide range of airlines including Emirates, Etihad, Cathy Pacific and Qatar, Channel 5, National Express, Southwest Trains, Transpennine Express and Eurostar.

discover.film is passionate about film creators and supporting film making talent providing a global audience and distribution from more than 190 countries.

discover.film works with AI content detector company AI Aware which has developed sophisticated Artificial Intelligence scheduling algorithms.

If you would like to distribute entertaining quality shorts to your audience and share in revenues then please get in touch here.