Award Winners Oct 22

Award Winners

UK Comedy – Ecstasy
Director: Grant Taylor

International Comedy – First Date 
Director: Clara Planelles

Rom Com – Sting Ray 
Director: Joey Krulock

Best Dialogue – Every Other Week
Director: Ryan Wagner

UK Drama – Blurred Lines 
Director: Corry Raymond

International Drama – Lambing 
Director: Katie McNiece

Foreign Language Drama – A Stone Cannot Fly 
Director: Pelle Gøtze Johansson

Debut Drama – Zoetic 
Director: Amalie Wigh Sandegaard

UK Animation – Affairs of the Art 
Director: Joanna Beryl

CGI Animation – Slasher Squad 
Director: Nathan Stone & Stuart Campbell

Foreign Language Animation – Spring Roll Dream 
Director: Mai T P Vu

Micro Animation – A New Life Tomorrow 
Director: Avy Signofthesharkboy

Mixed Media – Freedom Swimmer 
Director: Olivia Martin-McGuire

Sci-fi – The Last Union 
Director: Liam Abbott

Fantasy – Snorrie 
Director: Victoria Warmerdam

Horror – Kin
Director: Sarah Gross

Comedy Horror – The Living 
Director: Cleo Handler

Action – 10-33 
Director: Alexander Maxim Seltzer

Crime – Bad Beat 
Director: Jake Cauty

Thriller – Double Yellow 
Director: Ruairí Heading

Poetry – Mushy Peas to Green Tea Kulfi 
Director: Thea Burrows

Music – Consensual 
Director: Jeff Hilliard

UK Documentary – Two Types of Water
Director: Dan McDougall

International Documentary – When World’s Collide 
Director: Patricia Homonlyo

Foreign Language Documentary – The Last Hunter 
Director: Ziling Chen

Autobiography – The Darkness That You Fear 
Director: Melissa Morán

Micro Documentary – Cloud Boy: An Autistic Journey
Director: Kieran Firth-Bernard

Mental Health – Ballet and I 
Director: Jonny White

Low Budget – Dear Men
Director: Scarlett Morrow

Directors Without Borders – Night of the Universe
Director: Ramin Farzaneh & Parisa Sedaeiazar

Newcomer – Marlon Denning, The Rock Pool Waltz
Director: Marlon Denning

Period Production – Deloping
Director: Jon Olav Stokke

Screenplay – Killing Ourselves 
Director: Maya Yadlin

Best Actor – Thomas Kristian Bek, Marcus Gad Johansen and Marie Knudsen Fogh – A Stone Cannot Fly
Director: Pelle Gøtze Johansson

Best Director – An Irish Goodbye, Tom Berkeley & Ross White  
Director: Tom Berkeley & Ross White  

Judges’ Choice: Night of the Living Dread & A Stone Cannot Fly
Director: Ida Melum (Night of the Living Dread)
Director: Pelle Gøtze Johansson (A Stone Cannot Fly)

Audience Award – Mushy Peas to Green Tea Kulfi 
Director: Thea Burrows

Craghoppers Film Prize Winners

UK Student – Night of the Living Dread
Director: Ida Melum

International Student – Earthshine 
Director: Theresa Eschbacher

Social Impact – Two Kinds of Water 
Director: Dan McDougall

Documentary – When World’s Collide 
Director: Patricia Homonlyo

Highly Commended – The Rock Pool Waltz 
Director: Marlon Denning

Craghoppers 2nd Prize – Killing Ourselves & Mofle 
Director: Maya Yadlin (Killing Ourselves­)
Director: Fernando Henríquez (Mofle)

Craghoppers Award Winner – An Irish Goodbye 
Director: Tom Berkeley & Ross White  



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