Time Chicken

Time chicken is a clay animation stop-motion short film by Nick Black.

In a bid to heal the rift in society, a plucky chicken sets out to find an answer to the ultimate question. In the beginning there was faith that the egg was the start of all life – then came reasoning with the thought that the egg must have come from a great chicken, so what came first, the chicken or the egg? The eternal, unanswerable question finally gets addressed in this amusing and wacky stop motion short film, Time Chicken, written, directed and animated by Nick Black.  Central to the film is the question of faith vs science, a central conflict and quandary that people have been debating for centuries. While Black’s film occasionally takes that debate into dark places, the darkness is always tempered with humour.

The animation was made over two years using Canon DSLRs and handmade sets from various objects that Black found.

Director: Nick Black
Runtime: 5

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