You have done the hardest part in making a film. Now you need to get an audience. We can help you reach tens of thousands of people. When you add your film to you keep all of the rights (obviously, it’s your film!) and if you change your mind, you can remove at it any time.

What we do is help you by promote your film with the following:

  1. Your own page for your film
  2. A listing in the member films section
  3. A url (in the form
  4. Consideration by our distribution partners (including apps, cinemas & tv)
  5. Four weeks as a featured film in our “Latest Films” section
  6. A listing in our newsletter (which has 5,000+ subscribers including investors and distributors)
  7. Marketing to the 10,000+ social media followers (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

All we ask for in return is $20 (which goes towards our hosting costs and the cost of marketing).

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