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Undefined mins37 ViewsComments off

Tony and the bull

15 mins66 ViewsComments off

A peek into the life of Tony, a former butcher, and his sole companion Scrunch, a fully-grown tea-bag stealing, cigarette munching, highland bull.

Oil & Water Short Documentary Film

Oil & Water | Short Documentary Film

10 mins468 ViewsComments off

A documentary set in East London. Darren, a man with two polar opposite parts of his personality. One half is the rough and ready east

Black Swell | Short Film

9 mins805 ViewsComments off

A man tries to kill himself in a motel room. Starring Richard Kind (Red Oaks, Mad About You, Toy Story 3).

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Masterpiece Short Film

7 mins618 ViewsComments off

A group of young men try to interpret their friends art, so they can save face and show support.

Mouse Short Film

11 mins890 ViewsComments off

Fuelled by coke, a desperate couple attempts to capitalise on an unlikely opportunity.

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The Bigger Picture | Short Film

7 mins1,034 ViewsComments off

BAFTA Winner and Oscar Nominated story of two brothers struggling with the care of their elderly mother.


Cautionary Tales

8 mins1,099 ViewsNo User Reviews

A bizarre incident as a young boy left Aaron with an unusual facial disfigurement that has plagued him all his life. Isolated and vulnerable, Aaron



4 mins605 ViewsNo User Reviews

A man working at the office late at night stumbles upon a time traveling power that can boost his productivity. But a power so life-changing


Bar Talk

9 mins507 ViewsNo User Reviews

In a dusty Texas bar, a chatty stranger insists on striking up a conversation with the man sitting next to him. The more this


13 mins526 ViewsComments off

An embittered young man is forced to reckon with his girlfriend's frustration over his absence and the emotional distance in their relationship.

Beware of the Dog

3 mins449 ViewsComments off

The signs were all there. A comedy-thriller sketch about man's best friend.


Dawn of the Deaf

12 mins902 ViewsNo User Reviews

When a sonic pulse infects the hearing population, a small group of Deaf people must band together to survive.


Taking Flight

5 mins584 ViewsNo User Reviews

Taking Flight is a short film inspired by Antonio Pasin, inventor of the Radio Flyer wagon. In this fictional tribute to Pasin's legacy, what begins



3 mins762 ViewsNo User Reviews

When Morgan receives an unexpected package in the form of a fantastical beast, it's up to the delivery man to convince him that it might

La Parata Bizarra

18 mins498 ViewsComments off

This film follows a 9 meter long diorama by Frank van der Meijden, which is divided into 9 episodes. It shows Frank's view of the


4 mins642 ViewsNo User Reviews

This short film's message is that there is never enough time so try and use it wisely and keep in contact with one another.

No Goodbye

14 mins546 ViewsComments off

One day, you are forced to look in the mirror... It was the performance of her life, but then, a glance in her dressing mirror

Sartorial Brutalism

1 mins540 ViewsComments off

In London's East End,the male youth culture of style and dress each mimic the buildings and culture, both sharp edged, stylish but hard, if they



11 mins1,073 ViewsNo User Reviews

A struggling young actor begins to see disturbing visions of the immediate future and he soon realizes that having this ability is not exactly a


Best Wishes

1 mins807 ViewsNo User Reviews

A super short film about a duel between two neighbours showing off their Christmas lights.

Oh Crappy Day

17 mins680 ViewsComments off

On a blind date with a charming young woman, a film student struggles to keep his OCD on the down low.


The Open Doors

12 mins714 ViewsNo User Reviews

A young man from the London visits the countryside to relax. Little does he know the frightening tale that awaits... Based on 'The Open Window'


Lights Out

3 mins757 ViewsNo User Reviews

A woman soon finds out that she is being haunted by a mysterious figure every time she turns the lights off.


0 mins666 ViewsNo User Reviews

A chick out of water.

Sooner or Later

8 mins733 ViewsNo User Reviews

Alex Martin is a struggling screenwriter looking for a break - one night on his way home he comes across a dying Gangster with a