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The Counselor Short Film

The Counselor | Gripping Drama Short Film

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The Counselor is set in 1971 and followes a nervous and new-to-the-job counselor, played by Miles Fisher (Mad Men, J. Edgar, 2 Broke Girls), is

Video Thumbnail for the short film Masterpiece

Masterpiece Short Film

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A group of young men try to interpret their friends art, so they can save face and show support.

black and white scarecrow in the scared one short film

The Scared One | Horror Short Film

13 mins476 ViewsComments off

From his window, a child watches his father placing a scarecrow in the garden. During the night, the child can’t sleep and goes back to


Another Cancer Movie short film

Another Cancer Movie | Short Film

14 mins418 ViewsNo User Reviews

Bobby and his elderly cancer patient Geraldine have formed a deeply honest and beautiful connection. But are Bobby and Geraldine simply just friends or is

Mountain Fever | Short Drama

7 mins429 ViewsNo User Reviews

Trapped on a mountain in a terrible snowstorm in the dead of night, one of the climbers reports his tentmate missing. Now they have to