Drug Runner short film

Drug Runner | Drug Dealer Documentary

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A docu-fiction short, Drug Runner, shows us the real life story of a 15 year old drug dealer, who’s life is spiralling out of control.

Before The Storm Bike Documentary

Before The Storm | Youth Culture Documentar...

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A Documentary about a group of passionate elders the BikeLife movement and philosophy is giving these forgotten kids of London the opportunity to cross postcode

Video thumbnail for the short film standby

Standby Short Film

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A comedy about friendship and routines entirely set in a police patrol car. We see the day to day lives of two new partners Gary

Crack | Comedy Short Film

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A new craze is taking over the estates of London. With fights, street deals and territorial warfare growing ever dangerous, it won't be long until

Born to be Mild | Short Documentary

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The modern world is constantly speeding up. But not for the Dull Men's Club - a group of men quite content with life's more sedate