Short Film Package Sales

“They are a cutting-edge content provider. The short films curated by are some of the very best in the industry.”

Roger Matthews, Managing Director, GoMedia
Roger Matthews, Managing Director, GoMedia

“From someone who watches a lot of content, I can tell you that the short films from are such a refreshing change.”

Angela Bryant, Inflight Entertainment Manager, Etihad Airways is changing the world of entertainment by taking short films mainstream. For our short film package sale service we watch over 5,000 films per year and sign the very best and make them available to licence from us in packages. Our films are currently showing on planes, on trains, in cinemas and via video-on-demand platforms.

Key benefits of buying a short film package from

  • All films provided for release in your geography.
  • Available for SVOD, theatrical and other forms of short film distribution.
  • All music and other broadcast clearances obtained.
  • We can provide files to match the specifications of a range of infotainment systems.
  • Pre-tested with real world audiences.
  • We have masses of data that show that viewers highly rate our films.

The quality of our films will amaze you

The video below provides a small sample of the types of films that we work with and how we package them to create a new viewing experience; a sour, sweet, bitter, and salty journey of the senses. We can tailor packages to suit any taste from our selection of award winning dramas with ‘A-list’ actors, laugh out loud comedies, hide behind the sofa horrors and startling documentaries. To get a better idea of the quality of short films watch some of the films on this site. in onboard entertainment (infotainment) systems:

Discover Film Hayu and Vice in an onboard entertainment system

Why filmmakers use to sell films

We distribute films to TV channels, video-on-demand platforms, cinemas, trains and airlines. From the fees that we get from distribution, we return as much money as possible to filmmakers.

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To find out more about short film package sale options or to receive a sample of films available for licensing form, please click on the button below. If you are a filmmaker interested in selling your film, please send us a link to your film so that we can review it.