• Forbes

    The streaming services to watch in lockdown

    Apple has made some of its original TV+ shows free for a limited time and HBO has made classic shows free to watch including The Sopranos and The Wire. New mobile-only streaming service Quibi is free for 90 days. Amazon Prime Video has kids shows free to watch and streaming service Discover.Film has a number of free short films and shows.

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  • City A.M.

    Huawei Partners with Discover.film to embed streaming service on devices

    Huawei has signed a deal with Discover.film to embed the streaming service’s app in 100m mobile devices worldwide. The tie-up means the streaming platform will be pre-loaded onto Huawei Video alongside a selection of other video providers such as the BBC and Rakuten TV.

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  • Mobile marketing magazine

    Discover.film in pre-load partnership with Huawei

    Discover.film has a library of over 10,000 films typically between 10-15 minutes in length. Stars including Danny DeVito, Sir Ian McKellen, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jack Whitehall, Bill Nighy, Brie Larson and Whoopi Goldberg feature in some of the award-winning films on the platform, all of which are under 40 minutes in duration.

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  • License global

    Huawei & Discover.film link for handset streaming

    We have seen a huge surge in users and particularly those looking to ‘feel good’ films during this time of crisis. As such we are accelerating our content acquisition and are in talks with many content providers to meet the needs of our ever-growing global audience.

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  • Fan Carpet

    Discover.film sees surge as viewers around the world turn to quality short film

    Since the start of March when coronavirus started to spread rapidly across the globe, Discover.film has seen a surge of 220% in viewership figures as the population look to short films whilst isolated at home.

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  • Feed Magazine

    Start-Up Alley – Discover.film

    Discover.film's platform for bite-sized movies & documentaries has been hugely popular, and has even led to a spin-off film festival.

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  • Maddyness

    14 Startups Disrupting What We Know About Art and Culture

    The Discover.film team is made of passionate filmmakers, content professionals and entrepreneurs with experience from successful global media, technology and data businesses. Discover.film allows short films to be seen by a wider global audience and helps filmmakers find fundraising opportunities. The content is pre-tested with real audiences in their own OTT platform available on TV, mobile and web.

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  • Digital TV Europe

    Short Form Discover Film Launches App

    The service, which is the first global platform solely devoted to short movies and series, saw its beta amass 80,000 signups from 216 countries over the space of three months. The streamer was set up in 2016 and, like the Jeffrey Katzenberg-backed Quibi, is focused on short-form programming for mobile devices.

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  • Daily Mail

    Duchess of York announces film funding at Heather Kerzner’s Discover Film launch night

    The Duchess attended Heather Kerzner’s Discover Film party last week and I hear she told guests she’d secured funding for the film, My Louise, by talking up the success of her 2009 movie The Young Victoria.

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  • LondonTechWatch

    London startup daily funding report

    The latest venture capital, seed, pre-seed, and angel deals for London startups featuring funding details for Discover Film, StepLadder, and much more.

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  • Broadband TV news

    Discover.film launches ‘Netflix for Short Movies’

    Discover.film launches first global platform solely devoted to making quality short movies and series available on mobile, TV and web.

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  • Outdoor Industries Association

    Craghoppers supports taking movies on the move

    Explorers worldwide can now download an app for free and take movies on the move – perfect for that plane journey or rainy nights in the campervan!

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  • Boston Herald

    Ernie Boch Jr hosts party fit for a Duchess for Sarah Ferguson

    “The Duchess of York is exploring business and philanthrepreneurship opportunities with her American Host Ernie Boch Jr.” a statement from Boch’s rep read. We’re told that Fergie specifically came across the pond to meet with Boch and discuss possible ways they could work together escorted by Jaine Green, Head of Content with Discover Film.

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  • Georgina Journal

    Short film ‘Bad People’ among winners at London’s Discover Film Awards

    The Georgian film “Bad People” became the winner of the Best International Drama Award at the Discover Film Awards in London. The film is directed by Giorgi Tavartkiladze. The Discover Film Awards is one of the biggest short film festivals in the world with over 4,000 annual submissions from 70+ countries.

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  • Huddled News

    £20,000 Craghoppers Film Prize win for stunning directorial debut

    Camille Hollett-French won first prize for No.2: Hush Little Baby which she acted in and directed. She said: “The Craghoppers Film Prize not only rewards filmmakers it announces to the world short film is important. It encourages people to raise their game and rewards those that do. I hope other companies follow suit and start supporting this exciting and growing format and that all filmmakers rise to the challenge.”

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  • All About London

    One of the biggest short film festivals in the world

    The Discover Film Awards is one of the biggest short film festivals in the world with over 4,000 annual submissions from 70+ countries. On Sunday evening, winners of the prestigious Craghoppers Film Prize will be announced. The winning film will be awarded with a £20,000 cash prize and the runner up film £10,000.

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  • Top 10 Films

    Global short film distributor boosted by Etihad partnership

    The entertainment innovator Discover.film reveals an exciting new partnership with Etihad Airways which will see its diverse selection of short films screened on their in-flight entertainment system.

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  • Discover.film takes flight with Etihad partnership

    The entertainment disruptor Discover.film has announced an exciting new partnership with Etihad Airways

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  • Caution Spoilers

    Discover.film takes over at Somerset House’s FilmFour

    Discover.film, organisers of the Discover Film Awards, one of the world’s biggest short film festivals, is taking over the East Wing of Somerset House as part of FilmFour in London to showcase some of the best short films from around the world.

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  • West Midlands

    Discover short films to whet your appetite

    Loop has 12 of the best short films to entertain you in comedy, drama, animation and documentaries offering some of the best in short film from across the world.

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  • Railway Gazette

    UK Railway News Round-Up

    GoMedia is offering short drama, documentaries and animation films of 2 to 15 min duration from Discover.film through its onboard infotainment system installed by c2c, with other operators to follow this year.

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  • Advanced Television

    GoMedia, Discover.film partnership

    GoMedia, the onboard infotainment systems developer for transport operators, has formed a partnership with short film curator Discover.film, extending its content offering on public transport.

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  • Plus Minus Magazine

    Our Picks From The Discover Film Festival

    My love for film has been renewed and its great to immerse yourself in a world outside the Hollywood blockbuster. Films don’t have to be long and the beauty of a short film is an open ending, a refreshing beginning or both.

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  • Londist

    Things To Do Today In London

    The Discover Film Awards showcases the crème de la crème of movie shorts, with three days of screenings and a party this evening for the opening night at Somerset House.

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  • Channel 24

    Behind-the-scenes with Zwelethu Radebe

    These awards were gleaned at the Discover Film Festival in London, where his short film, The Hangman, won Best International Drama and Best in Festival.

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