Sci-Fi Movies



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A man working at the office late at night stumbles upon a time traveling power that can boost his productivity. But a power so life-changing


Bar Talk

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In a dusty Texas bar, a chatty stranger insists on striking up a conversation with the man sitting next to him. The more this


Never Happened

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A pair of business travellers have an affair and decide it might be easiest to just forget about it.



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After waking to find their ankles rigged with proximity triggered bombs, two men find themselves bound together while being forced to play a twisted game


The Flying Man

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An ambitious tale of an enigmatic man who is both blessed/cursed with the power of flight. With no back story and offering no explanation for



11 mins1,450 ViewsNo User Reviews

A struggling young actor begins to see disturbing visions of the immediate future and he soon realizes that having this ability is not exactly a



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In the midst of a war between humans and sentient androids, a Delta Force team must battle a dangerous enemy to rescue the US President.


The Raven

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Set in an alternate and futuristic Los Angeles, Chris Black possesses a power that could lead to the destruction of the current regime. Will


The Gift

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A messenger delivers a mysterious box to a wealthy man.


The Secret Number

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Based on the short story by Igor Teper, The Secret Number, is about a man whose world is thrown into question. Psychiatrist Simon Tomlin has



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Abe is a psychological thriller about a robot who is looking for love in all the wrong places...


Portal Combat | Sci-Fi Short Film

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A 15-year-old girl and her friend buy a portal gun from a group of terrorists.


Tears of Steel | Short Film

12 mins1,119 ViewsComments off

Tears of Steel is a short science fiction film about a group of warriors and scientists in the future who gather in Amsterdam to stage

re place short film

Re Place Short Film

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Nature’s laws have been suspended, and strange creatures are inhabiting the planet.


Code 8

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Code 8 is a 2016 short sci-fi/action film starring Robbie Amell and Sung Kang. The film is a futuristic vision taking place in a world



11 mins1,284 ViewsNo User Reviews

In 2045 A.D. a new genetic disease is causing humans to reject their own organs. Cybernetic enhancements are the only means to survive and one


True Skin

6 mins1,195 ViewsNo User Reviews

True Skin is a sci-fi short set in the not too distant future Bangkok where augmentation is the way of life. Kaye, still a


The Rift (2012)

25 mins1,306 ViewsNo User Reviews

Black rifts appear in the skies around Earth, and something watches from the darkness.


Portal: No Escape

7 mins1,112 ViewsNo User Reviews

A woman wakes up in a room with no memory of who she is or how she got there...