Experimental film

Adam Animation About Depression

Adam | Animation About Depression

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World renowned artist Emma Allen's (Discover Film Awards alumni) face-painted animation shows the neurological processes and emotions that are affected by someone suffering from depression.

star cross'd short film laura dockrill

Star Cross’d | Shakespeare Short Film

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British poet and illustrator Laura Dockrill’s contemporary take on Romeo and Juliet is set on a windswept English beach, where ‘two houses, both alike in

La Parata Bizarra

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This film follows a 9 meter long diorama by Frank van der Meijden, which is divided into 9 episodes. It shows Frank's view of the

Sartorial Brutalism

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In London's East End,the male youth culture of style and dress each mimic the buildings and culture, both sharp edged, stylish but hard, if they

re place short film

Re Place Short Film

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Nature’s laws have been suspended, and strange creatures are inhabiting the planet.