Short Films Comedy

A selection of the best comedy short films. These have been selected by our  short film judging panel and voted on by our online audience. This means that you get the funniest and most amusing short films in our comedy short film channel.
New Years Eve Short Film
Craig's Pathetic Freakout
The Fly Short Film
Love Is Blind | Romantic Comedy Short Film
While You Were Away
The John | Dark Comedy Short Film
A Reasonable Request | Dark Comedy
Born Again | Comedy Horror Short Film
Fuck Steve | Short film about depression
Weighting Short Film Starring Brie Larson
Glenn Owen Dodds | Starring David Wenham
Bear | Nash Edgerton Short Film
Roger Short Film
Standby Short Film
We Keep On Dancing
Crack | Comedy Short Film
Born to Be Mild
Masterpiece Short Film
Digits Short Film
Another Cancer Movie | Short Film
Cool Unicorn Bruv
Cautionary Tales
Time Chicken | Animated Short Film
Gremlins: Recall
I Dream Of Zombies | Comedy Horror Short Film
Salad Fingers Episode 1: Spoons
Fish Story Short Film
No Other Way To Say It
The Robbery
A Gentleman's Duel
"Mouse for sale"
The Talk (2015)
Sweet | Noel Fielding & Julian Barratt Short Film
The Gunfighter Short Film
Leonard in Slow Motion
Best Wishes
It's a Wonderful Knife
The Open Doors
Real Gone
Spider Short Film
U.F.Oh Yeah Short Film
Tulip, Texas and Us | Short Film
The Weigh In | Short Film
A Writer and Three Script Editors Walk Into a Bar
Friend Request Pending
Makeover Short Film
All's Fair Short Film
Grand Zero Short Film
Speed dating (2015)