A selection of the best short documentary films. Our judging panel receives over 5,000 short movies, dramas and documentaries every year. This means that the panel reviews a wide range of films to select the very best. The documentaries and other non-fiction short entertainment on span true crime, science, nature, history and technology. There are short docs to suite every taste. For instance, there are films about areas of the world that most people haven't seen. Films about real life events that are difficult to believe. There are short movies about emerging new sports and activities, along with people reflecting on their lives and their roles in historical events. In other words, these films are perfect for viewers who want to find out more about people and more about the world. Watch docs on on web, mobile or TV. Get our app and download movies in order to watch films while commuting, on the go or going on holiday. Alternatively, watch the best short documentaries online.
Face My Tribe
Romance Language
I Have Never Been A Fisherman
A Jew Walks Into a Bar
The Story of Pema
Betty Feeds the Animals
Bin Day
Perspectives - Jon Julio x Australia
Goodbye, Old Glory
Out On A Limb
Down The Stream
Saved by the Squat
Self Portrait
A Sonic Pulse
Hoan Alone
The Black Mambas
Dreams Dictate Reality
I'm Your Number One Fan (Part 1)
I'm Your Number One Fan (Part 2)
I'm Your Number One Fan (Part 3)
I'm Your Number One Fan (Part 4)
Dead. Tissue. Love
Team Numbi
Kitty and Ellen
Polish Go Home
The Block
Bulls & Blossoms
Born to be Mild
Valley Of A Thousand Hills
No One Is Safe From Son Of Sam
Waiting for the (t)rain
The Tables
Dolphin Lover
Rajai 030516
The Mystery of Flying Kicks
One Week In April
73 Cows
Offline Dating
A Wider Screen
Ten Meter Tower
The Silly Bastard Next to the Bed
A Man And His Violin
Oil & Water