Animated Short Films

Watch the best animated short films. Our expert team of filmmakers select award winning movies. Watch more animation movies online. receives over 5,000 short films, animations, dramas and documentaries each year. We find the best short animations by working with special effects and animation studios such as Blender animation. These movies are available on our video on demand streaming service. Within the Animation category you can watch find 2D hand drawn animations, 2D cut out animations and Claymation. There are also short films made with CGI, 3D and stop motion. As a result, you can watch a diverse range of new, older and emerging animated short movies and cartoons. Download our app to watch on mobile.
Hybrids | Animation About Pollution
Game Changer | Family Friendly Animation
The Hungry Corpse | Bill Nighy Short Film
Adam | Animation About Depression
The Present Short Film
The Bigger Picture | Short Film
L'oiseau Qui Danse | Music Video
Kitty and Ellen
Time Chicken | Animated Short Film
The Short Story Of A Fox And A Mouse
Salad Fingers Episode 1: Spoons
Dust Buddies
"Mouse for sale"
Taking Flight
Le Café
Oh Willy
5 mètres 80
Danny and the Wild Bunch
The Sandman Short Film
Fresh Guacamole
Submarine Sandwich | Animated Short Film
Teddy Has An Operation | Animated Short Film
Western Spaghetti | Short Film
Switch Man Short Film
Teeth Short Film
Perfect Houseguest Short Film
Pineapple Calamari
Chit Chat Roulette | Animated Comedy