I’m Your Number One Fan

I’m Your Number One Fan

I’m Your Number One Fan is a controversial documentary from 1996 by Jaine Green that has attracted a cult following in the UK.  It features Blue Tulip Rose Read who stalks Mike Read (at the time a famous DJ). Please note that this version of the film is the Director’s final edit and is shown by Discover.film with her permission (the Director maintains copyright over this film).

The documentary is centered around the point of view of the stalker and includes German doctor Klaus Wagner, who believed that Princes Diana was at the heart of a hate campaign by the Queen. It includes an opening sequence shot on Super 8 film that led to UK film critic Victor Lewis Smith stating that it “transcended the documentary format”.

After being broadcast in the UK, The Evening Standard newspaper began selling Mrs Read T-shirts and the writers of the comedy series, The League of Gentlemen, featured quotes from Blue Tulip in Royston Vasey newspaper signs in various episodes of the first series. The writing on these signs include “Ed Stewart’s breath stinks”, “Mike Read’s breath is beautiful” and “Mike Read made me better”.


Director: Jaine Green
Running time: 51 minutes