Horror Short Films

Born Again Comedy Horror Short Film

Born Again | Comedy Horror Short Film

7 mins605 ViewsComments off

When five bumbling Satanists have their summoning ceremony go horribly right, they’re left to deal with the decidedly holy shit consequences in this American comedy

black and white scarecrow in the scared one short film

The Scared One | Horror Short Film

13 mins480 ViewsComments off

From his window, a child watches his father placing a scarecrow in the garden. During the night, the child can’t sleep and goes back to

Creswick short film poster

Creswick Short Film

10 mins347 ViewsComments off

While a young woman helps her father pack up his house, they are both increasingly aware of the presence that they always knew was there.


Larry short film

Larry Short Film

5 mins274 ViewsComments off

An isolated man works late a night in a toll booth... what could go wrong?


The Big Shave

5 mins600 ViewsNo User Reviews

In the process of shaving, a young man cuts himself. A lot.