About the app

Discover.film is changing the world of entertainment, for the first time making the exciting genre of short film mainstream.

We watch over 5,000 short films per year and source the very best short films from around the world, those which entertain and tell a good story. We find short films which people will want to watch, that make audiences laugh and cry, which shock and surprise and we give those films a platform.

The Discover.film app allows you to watch short films on-the-go. It’s slick interface and brilliant content hold up the values that have already made the web streaming service so successful.

Discover.film, for short films you want to watch, the way you want to watch them.

Why Download the app?

  • For less than a cup of coffee per month ($1.99), you can have specially curated short films downloaded straight to your phone or tablet in an instant.
  • The films within the app will change every month so you always have something new to watch.
  • Support emerging talent with 50% of all profits from the app going back to the filmmakers.

Why feature in the app?

  • Promote your short film to a world wide audience.
  • Promote your other work with a link to your website or portfolio.
  • The app is built by filmmakers for filmmakers, and we ensure only the very best short films will be placed alongside yours.
  • All profits from the app go back to filmmakers included in the paid section.
  • You own the copyright and licence discover.film to use the film in the app, and can withdraw your film at anytime.

Screenshot of Discover Film App