Film Festival Sponsorship

As one of the biggest short film festivals in the world, the Discover Film Awards offers a wide range of film festival sponsorship options. These will raise the profile of your brand. The festival has over 4,000 annual submissions from 100+ countries. It has global premiers in London’s Leicester square with packed cinema audiences, filmmaker parties, red carpet events and script-pitching round tables with funding available for new projects. In addition, the festival has one of the largest short film cash prize funds.  In 2018, it was voted in the top 50 film festivals in the world out of 7,000+ by filmmakers on FilmFreeway.

However, we are much more than just a film festival, which means that we offer more than the usual with film festival sponsorship. Firstly, we have a filmmaker and creative community. Secondly, we are in regular contact with a global network of over 100+ film making universities and over 250,000 filmmakers. In addition, our social followers are highly engaged and influential. We also show the festival’s award winning films on planes, trains and a wide variety of video-on-demand platforms. The twice yearly film festival combined with networking and distribution results in unique partnership opportunities that can be tailored to suit the needs of individual brands.

The reach that you can get with film festival sponsorship

  • Marketing to 250,000 filmmakers.
  • Relationships with 100+ film making universities.
  • Social reach of 100,000+ creatives during the film festival.
  • 4,000+ film submissions from over 60 countries.
  • 100,000+ viewers of film festival trailer on various platforms.
  • 1,000+ senior TV and film professionals attend festival.

Key benefits of sponsorship

Film festival sponsorship brings the following key benefits:

  • Increase your market exposure
  • Meet corporate social responsibility objectives
  • Networking and hospitality opportunities
  • Create social buzz
  • Align your brand with creatives such as our award winning filmmakers

Film Festival Trailer

Film festival sponsorship options 

We have a large range of film festival sponsorship opportunities so can put together a bespoke package to suit your marketing objectives. These include:

  • Award sponsorship
  • Opening night
  • Closing night
  • Naming rights
  • Branded screenings
  • Product placement
  • Product demonstrations
  • Step & repeats
  • Hospitality & VIP access
  • Logo inclusion in program guide
  • Logo in film festival trailer
  • Video in cinema before film screenings
  • Interviews with founders to discuss your film festival sponsorship
  • Branding on website
  • Branding on lanyards
  • Photographs with filmmakers
  • Branding on distributed films
  • Advertising on video-on-demand platforms
  • Inclusion in email blasts
  • Lead capture
  • Inclusion in press releases
  • Social reach with influentials
  • Talk at awards ceremony
  • Video at awards ceremony
  • Script writing competitions
  • Bespoke video content
  • Bespoke film competitions

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