We have a number of film packages available for distribution.

Key benefits for cinemas and film clubs:

  • All films in package under licence from filmmakers for theatrical release
  • All films cleared for music by the filmmakers
  • Showcase the directors of the future
  • Pre-tested with real world audiences
  • Support indie filmmaking – all profits back to filmmakers

Key features of a discover.film package:

  • Typically 90 minute run times
  • Curated by industry experts
  • Multi-award winning, famous faces and entertaining
  • Trailers and marketing collateral
  • Available as physical or online DCP or Prores files

The price of a packages is £135 for cinemas and £90 for film clubs, community halls and pubs.

Packages currently available:

Tutti Frutti

Eight short films specially curated to create a new cinema experience; a sour, sweet, bitter, and salty journey of the senses.

Tutti Frutti video trailer