Documentary Short Films

team numbi at work documentary

Team Numbi At Work | Short Documentary

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Team Numbi At Work shows us the world of motorsport being reborn. This micro documentary takes us into the dangerous and thrilling underground world of

Oil & Water Short Documentary Film

Oil & Water | Short Documentary Film

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A documentary set in East London. Darren, a man with two polar opposite parts of his personality. One half is the rough and ready east

Your Country Needs Youth Short documentary film

Your Country Needs Youth | Short documentar...

9 mins421 ViewsComments off

A documentary following David Buck, an ex-soldier recruited at just 17, and Richard Pendleton, an ex-advertiser, who worked on the Army’s campaigns targeting children and

Offline Dating Short Documentary Samuel Abrahams

Offline Dating Short Documentary

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Offline Dating explores what can happen, in just one weekend, if we invest more time and energy into meeting new people, in real life rather

Ten Metre Tower | Short Documentary

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On a 10 metre high diving tower, fear of taking the jump is pitted against the losing face if you chicken out. What do we