Caroline Short Film

In the middle of a Texas summer, plans for a babysitter fall through and six-year-old Caroline is left in charge of her two younger siblings.

ELO films, comprised of Celine Held and Logan George, are alumni having their short Valencia Road selected a few years back. Since then they have been on an trajectory hitting up film festivals world wide and bringing home plenty of established awards (noted below). Known for their dark and gritty story telling, seen in Mouse and Valencia Road, Caroline continues along this thread and takes on complex moral issues. We don’t know the reason behind the mothers actions, and the ambiguity leaves us questioning how desperate she must have been and whether we have sympathy for her or not.

Caroline made it’s International Premiere at Cannes 2018, was an official selection at South by South West 2018, winner of Palm Springs’ Best North American Short Award 2018 and Best Director at Florida Film Festival, among a plethora of other selections and awards at renowned film festivals world wide.

Director: Celine Held & Logan George
Starring: Caroline Falk, Brooks Falk, Sally Falk, Celine Held, & Tam Jackson
Runtime: 12

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