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Salt | Two Minute Horror Film

Salt Short Film

2 mins609 ViewsComments off

A woman protects her dying daughter from a demon. There aren't many short films that can force you into a rollercoaster ride of emotions with a runtime of under 2 minutes, but the award-winning Salt is one of the rare exceptions.

Caroline short film

Caroline | Short Drama by ELO Films

12 mins623 ViewsComments off

In the middle of a Texas summer, plans for a babysitter fall through and six-year-old Caroline is left in charge of her two younger siblings. Caroline made it's International Premiere at Cannes 2018 among a plethora of other selections and awards at renowned film festivals world wide.

Hybrids short animation film

Hybrids | Animation About Pollution

6 mins277 ViewsComments off

When marine wildlife suffer the pollution surrounding it, the rules of survival change... The directors wanted to tell a story and bring awareness about the ocean’s pollution using captivating images. They have certainly achieved it. 

New Years Eve Indian Comedy Short Film

New Years Eve | Indian Comedy Short

9 mins625 ViewsComments off

Muddled in ambiguous relationships, a Mumbai-boy paces through the streets, trying to find a partner to spend New Years Eve with. New Years Eve was winner of the Low Budget category at the Discover Film Awards, October 2018.

Last Words short film simon armitage

Last Words | Written by Simon Armitage

5 mins471 ViewsComments off

Last Words is a visual reimagining of Simon Armitage’s poem by the same name, and was a recent winner of the Best Experimental category at the Discover Film Awards 2018.

Craig's Pathetic Freakout short film

Craig’s Pathetic Freakout | Stoner Comedy

7 mins453 ViewsComments off

Craig's Pathetic Freakout was a recent winner of ‘Best International Comedy’ at the Discover Film Awards October 2018 in London, this hilarious American short film follows Craig ignoring the warnings of his stoner friend, and smokes weed and, well… freaks out.

game changer short film animation

Game Changer | Family Friendly Animation

3 mins291 ViewsComments off

A macho wrestler toy arcade prize is quick to judge a young girl desperate to win him and is determined to thwart her attempts to collect enough tickets to take him home. A perfect family friendly short film, with a message of equality and breaking gender norms.

Drug Runner short film

Drug Runner | Drug Dealer Documentary

7 mins381 ViewsComments off

A docu-fiction short, Drug Runner, shows us the real life story of a 15 year old drug dealer, who’s life is spiralling out of control. Charlotte Regan's last film 'Standby' is another favourite here at

Before The Storm Bike Documentary

Before The Storm | Youth Culture Documentary

11 mins634 ViewsComments off

A Documentary about a group of passionate elders the BikeLife movement and philosophy is giving these forgotten kids of London the opportunity to cross postcode boundaries without fear, the courage to express themselves and the freedom just to be kids.

The Fly short film olly williams

The Fly Short Action Comedy Film

6 mins904 ViewsComments off

From Olly Williams, the co-director of the short film Black Hole: a getaway driver waiting outside a bank robbery has three nerve shredding minutes to get through before his crew returns. Can he remain focused?

The Hungry Corpse short film poster

The Hungry Corpse | Bill Nighy Short Film

8 mins484 ViewsComments off

In London's bustling Trafalgar Square, a hungry corpse meets a pigeon with a broken wing. Voiced by Bill Nighy and Stephen Mangan.

Love is blind short film

Love Is Blind | Romantic Comedy Short Film

6 mins421 ViewsComments off

A classic romantic comedy with a fresh twist. Alice is getting hot and heavy with a young, attractive man when her husband comes come. . . What ensues is absolutely hilarious. A multiple award winning film with nominations from Cannes and BIFA.

while you were away short film richard herring

While You Were Away | Short Film Starring Richard Herring

6 mins814 ViewsComments off

While You Were Away follows a woman returning from a trip away with her friends to find her husband (Richard Herring) has a strange confession to make…

3x3 basketball Short Film

3×3 | Family Friendly Short Film

6 mins264 ViewsComments off

Our janitor hero then puts science behind basketball which finally enables him to challenge the jock security guard him to a game. 3x3 has won multiple awards worldwide. A funny, silent short film you can watch with all the family.

Adam Animation About Depression

Adam | Animation About Depression

2 mins594 ViewsComments off

World renowned artist Emma Allen's (Discover Film Awards alumni) face-painted animation shows the neurological processes and emotions that are affected by someone suffering from depression.

The John Dark Comedy Short Film

The John | Dark Comedy Short Film

8 mins421 ViewsComments off

This beautifully stylised dark comedy about the perils of exploring your sexuality, is a real crowd pleaser. Starring the beautiful Laura Dale, as a no-nonsense talking prostitute, and Richard Glover as the stuttering, aspirational serial killer.

star cross'd short film laura dockrill

Star Cross’d | Shakespeare Short Film

5 mins385 ViewsComments off

British poet and illustrator Laura Dockrill’s contemporary take on Romeo and Juliet is set on a windswept English beach, where ‘two houses, both alike in common crime’ wage an ice-cream war.

A Reasonable Request Dark Comedy

A Reasonable Request | Dark Comedy

9 mins635 ViewsComments off

A Reasonable Request is a very, very dark comedy following a desperate son trying to reconnect with his estranged father to ask an unspeakable favour that will change their lives forever...

team numbi at work documentary

Team Numbi At Work | Short Documentary

3 mins798 ViewsComments off

Team Numbi At Work shows us the world of motorsport being reborn. This micro documentary takes us into the dangerous and thrilling underground world of car spinning.

The Counselor Short Film

The Counselor | Gripping Drama Short Film

11 mins521 ViewsComments off

A new-to-the-job counselor is working at a suicide hotline in has to take his first call. A teenager is on the other end of the line, distraught and suicidal having been thrown out of her home and being disowned by her parents after falling pregnant. But something isn't quite right...

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