In a time where London’s violent crime has reached a high amongst young people. Gangs, stabbings, and moped theft are regularly in the media. Before The Storm is a documentary set on the streets of London, where a local bike shop leads the way in teaching teenagers to get along and enjoy a sport together… No matter what postcode you’re from.

Before The Storm, directed by itdreitself (Jake Churchill and Pro Constantinou), follow the elders that work in the bike shop and their passion to make a difference in their community by uniting locals youths with their philosophy and movement – ‘BikeLife’. They want to teach kids not to worry about crossing postcode boundaries, and express themselves through cycling.

Thousands of riders in London all get together for the mass ride-out of ‘Bikestormz’, performing tricks and pulling wheelies under the motto ‘Guns Down, Knives Down, Bikes Up’.

Director: itdrewitself (Jake Churchill and Pro Constantinou)
Runtime: 11

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