Award Winning Short Films, Edition 7 Discover Film Awards

Best Student Film and winner of the student Craghoppers’ Film Prize – Asia A
Directed by Andrew Reid and Produced by Jake Katofsky & Eric Baird

Best British Drama – 3 Sleeps
Directed by Chris Holt and Produced by Stephanie Zari & Christ Holt

Best British Micro Drama – Girl
Directed by Lowri Roberts and Produced by Nirmala Valinčiūtė & Lowri Roberts

Best International Drama – Bad People
Directed by Giorgi Tavartkiladze and Produced by Vladimer Katcharava

Best International Micro Drama – Nursery Rhymes
Directed by Tom Noakes and Produced by Lucy Gaffy, Morgan Benson-Taylor & Will Goodfellow

Best British Comedy – A Family Affair
Directed by Florence Keith-Roach and Produced by Emily Gotto & Emily Barttelot

Best International Comedy – White Guys Solve Sexism
Directed and Produced by Christopher Guerrero

Best Romantic Comedy – Kindred Spirit
Directed by Caroline Lindy and Produced by Edward Thoa Liguori & Emily Wolfe

Best Micro Comedy – Bottle Boy
Directed and Produced by Tony Burke

Best Sci-Fi – 2050
Directed by Alexandra Lupashko and Produced by Alexander Naumov & Eugeniy Kulik

Best Fantasy – O.I.
Directed by N’cee van Heerden and Produced by Victoria Burkhart & Karen Wong

Best Horror – Elizabeth
Directed and Produced by Travis Darkow

Best British Documentary – Tony & The Bull
Directed by John McFarlane and Produced by Geraldine Geraghty & John McFarlane

Best International Documentary – Fatimah
Directed by Omar Rammal and Produced by Ayah Tantash

Best Animation – Two Balloons
Directed and Produced by Mark C. Smith

Best Music Video – Glory
Directed by Hector Dockrill and Produced by Pulse Films

Best Adaptation – Denis Prose
Directed by Marvin Sordell, Maxwell Harris-Tharp & Will Miller and Produced by Marvin Sordell)

Best Experimental – A Wider Screen
Directed by Joe Hunting and Produced by Devin Hansen)


Directors Without Borders – Tattoo
Directed by Farhad Delaram and Produced by Dena Rassam

Best Low Budget – Wait for Laugh
Directed by Patrick Franklin and Produced by Patrick Franklin & Philana Mia

Best Debut – My Body Is Not A Weapon
Directed by Platon and Produced by Elizabeth Blackney, Minky Worden, Elle Sullivan Wilson, Susannah Sirkin & Platon

Best Editing – Withorwithout
Directed by Benjamin Howdeshell and Produced by Shawn Wallace & Milla Jovovich

Best Cinematography – Men of Vision
Director of Photography Neil Shapiro, Directed by Frank Todaro and Produced by Robert Fernandez & Dan Levinson

Best Screenplay – Money Shot
Written by Ben Cohen, Directed by Ben Cohen and Produced by Shrai Popat

Best Actor – Mollie Cowen in 3 Sleeps
Directed by Chris Holt and Produced by Stephanie Zari & Christ Holt

Best Director – Frank Todaro for Men of Vision
Directed by Frank Todaro and Produced by Robert Fernandez & Dan Levinson

Judges’ Choice – Tony & The Bull
Directed by John McFarlane and Produced by Geraldine Geraghty & John McFarlane

Audience Award – 3 Sleeps and Tony & The Bull
3 Sleeps: Directed by Chris Holt and Produced by Stephanie Zari & Christ Holt
Tony & The Bull: Directed by John McFarlane and Produced by Geraldine Geraghty & John McFarlane


GALA OPENING – Screening One – Thursday 4th April, 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm

My Body is Not a Weapon
‘My Body is Not a Weapon’, the debut film by world renowned photographer Platon, documents the harrowing experiences of wartime rape survivors and forced child-labourers, and the extraordinary holistic healing sanctuary, Panzi Hospital. It is here that we meet Dr. Denis Mukwege. He and his team have treated more than 52,000 survivors of sexualised violence and the film tells the stories of just a few of those thousands.

Narrated by Platon, the film examines the intersection between wartime rape survivors and western organisations and world leaders. The portraits by Platon show survivors in esteem with those of all the world leaders Platon has ever photographed – including six Nobel Peace Prize laureates, every living US president, over 35 covers for TIME Magazine, and four books featuring cultural icons and celebrities that influence the media environment.

Director: Platon
Runtime: 38
Country: USA
Contains images some viewers may find upsetting.

Filmed in an unnamed Syrian refugee camp around the borders of Jordan, where Fatima (unknown age) lives with her family and neighbours who fled their war-torn homes. Fatima gives moving personal insight into what it is to become a young woman in such a harsh environment.
Director: Omar Rammal
Runtime: 10
Country: Jordan

ENOUGH | The Empowered Women of Korogocho
Beatrice Nyariara lives in Korogocho. It’s widely considered to be Nairobi’s most dangerous slum. Crime and gang activity is high, addiction rampant and rape a continual threat. Beatrice decided enough was enough. It was time to fight back.
Director: Brent Foster
Runtime: 8
Country: Canada
Adult subject matter.

Screening Two – Friday 5th April, 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm

Nursery Rhymes
On the side of a rural highway, a bizarre encounter with a Metalhead takes a profound turn.
Director: Toma Noakes
Starring: Toby Wallace & Sara West
Runtime: 5
Country: Australia

This stark British drama joins the people involved in the aftermath of a fatal stabbing.
Director: Charlotte Regan
Starring: Jo Jo Lau, Thanpisit Tangwongsiri & Naomi Jamboretz
Runtime: 4
Country: UK

Bad People
After the collapse of the Soviet Union presidential and rebel forces fought in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Gia, a rebel soldier, needs medicine for his son but getting it won’t be easy.
Director: Giorgi Tavartkiladze
Starring: Vakhtang Chachanidze, Jano Izoria, Dimitri Tsintsadze, Davit Kvirtskhalia & Mamuka Esadze
Runtime: 19
Country: Georgia

A Wider Screen
This funny, unique animated documentary gives intimate insight into how virtual reality (VR) can have a positive impact on the social lives of its users. 70% of the film is shot within VRChat, a VR social platform which allows users to create their own worlds and avatars and, in this case, share their experiences through their online characters.
Director: Joe Hunting
Runtime: 13
Country: UK

Dena needs to renew her driver’s license, but when officials notice a scar on her wrist and her tattoo, they began looking at her with suspicion. Powerful Iranian drama.
Director: Farhad Delaram
Starring: Behdokht Vallian & Mojtabba Fallahi
Runtime: 15
Country: Islamic Republic of Iran

Wait For Laugh
When a man walks away from a twelve-story jump without a scratch, he begins a journey that has him questioning everything he once believed about life… and death.
Director: Patrick Franklin
Starring: Tim Spears, Amie Lytie, Philana Mia & Patrick Shea
Runtime: 17
Country: USA

After a young woman gets a phone call informing her of some shockingly tragic news, she and her boyfriend must resolve a run-of-the-mill squabble while simultaneously reckoning with a life-altering event.
Director: Alex Cohen
Starring: Erica Hernandez & Anthony Sneed
Runtime: 6
Country: USA

A Reasonable Request
A desperate son reconnects with his estranged father to ask a jaw-dropping favour in this dark American comedy.
Director: Andrew Laurich
Starring: Stephen Ellis & John Ennis
Runtime: 9
Country: USA

Screening Three – Saturday 6th April, 1 pm to 3 pm

Ten Meter Tower
On a 10-metre diving tower, fear of taking the leap is pitted against losing face if you chicken out. An insight into human nature in this funny, heart-warming fly-on-the-board documentary.
Director: Axel Danielson & Maximilien van Aertryck
Runtime: 17
Country: Sweden

A thrill-seeking ski-tourist speeds down a secluded mountain. An Indigenous ski-hunter primes his bow for the killing strike. Their paths are about to collide.
Director: Howard Wimshurst
Runtime: 2.30
Country: UK

A King’s Betrayal
The final 24 hours in the life of a Piñata in this comical American tearjerker.
Director: David Bornstein
Starring: Ahmed El-Mawas, Bryson Robinson, Adrian Gomez & Tiffany
Runtime: 8
Country: USA

Two Balloons
Two adventurous lemurs meet as they navigate their dirigibles halfway around the world but will the elements put pay to their chances at love? Beautifully animated family fun.
Director: Mark C. Smith
Runtime: 9
Country: USA

3 Sleeps
Nine year-old Casey is left alone in charge of her two young sisters by her troubled mum in this stark British drama. When there’s a medical emergency Casey must make the difficult decision of protecting her errant mum or saving her sister’s life. Based on a true story.
Director: Christopher Holt
Starring: Mollie Cowen, Kiera Thompson & Emily Haigh
Runtime: 19
Country: UK

No ill Will
Elinborg bumps into her friend Marita at the grocery store where the conversation quickly takes an awkward turn in this Danish drama.
Director: Andrias Høgenni
Starring: Mariann Hansen, Sissal Drews Hjaltelin, Niels Dampe & Jóhan Herlon Jacobsen
Runtime: 20
Country: Denmark

Kindred Spirit
Singleton Eloise invites a man she’s just met online to her apartment but when he turns up she gets less than she’d bargained for.
Director: Caroline Lindy
Starring: Caroline Lindy & Jack Henry Robbins
Runtime: 18
Country: USA

Bottle Boy
A lonely boy plans to escape his troubled homelife by finding friends through writing a message in a bottle, casting it into the ocean and letting fate take a hand. Surprising British micro comedy.
Director: Tony Burke
Starring: Jason Flemyng, Ronnie Wren & Lia Burge
Runtime: 2
Country: UK

Screening Four – Saturday 6th April, 3.30pm to 5.30pm

Candy Coated Poison
Beautiful evocative animation shows the more sinister side to the gaming industry in the small city of Macau.
Director: Sok Ieng Ho
Runtime 4
Country: UK

White Guys Solve Sexism
The Harvey Weinstein scandal makes two men realise that all their favourite films are sexist, leading them down a dark path of discovery.
Director: Christopher Guerrero
Staring: Max Baumgarten, Leah Lamarr & Kyle Helf
Runtime: 6
Country: USA

Money Shot
The UK’s number one celebrity sex-tape broker is confronted by his worst nightmare – a tape of his own wife.
Director: Benedict Cohen
Starring: Matt Bardock, Anna Wilson-Jones, James Nelson-Joyce & Scarlett Archer
Runtime: 10
Country: UK

A husband wakes up to a totally original and brilliant idea but dare he share it?
Director: N’cee van Heerden
Starring: Ben Cotton & Kett Turton
Runtime: 19
Country: Canada

A young migrant teenager has to deal with more than her more obvious plight.
Director: Lowri Roberts
Starring: Naomi Lune
Runtime: 5
Country: UK

Asia A
A recent spinal cord injury patient struggles to reconcile his sense of self-worth with his new reality as a paraplegic. Emotional American drama inspired by a true story.
Director: Andrew Reid
Starring: London Brown & Pruitt Taylor Vince
Runtime: 20
Country: USA

Mountain People
Rolf-Ulf is confronted with the aftermath of his grandfather’s death in rural Norway.
Director: Sascha Taylor Larsen
Starring: Tobias Aksdal, Tina Hartvig & Aslag Guttormsgaard
Runtime: 16
Country: Norway

An amateur ghost-hunting vlogger decides to take his viewers to the site of a recent grisly murder – and you know that’s never a good idea. (You might want to use this programme to hide behind.)
Director: Travis Darkow
Starring: Travis Darkow
Runtime: 12
Country: USA

Happily Never After
Giving the hubby a personal birthday gift turns out to be a rather complicated act. Harsh Icelandic drama.
Director: Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir
Starring: Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir & Sveinn Ólafur Gunnarsson
Runtime: 6
Country: Iceland

Screening Five – Sunday 7th April, 3.30pm to 5.30pm

Tony & The Bull
A moving peek into the life of Tony, a former butcher, and his sole companion Scrunch, a fully-grown tea-bag stealing, cigarette munching, house-trained highland bull, who share a home together.
Director: John McFarlane
Runtime: 16
Country: UK

Elise’s Alzheimers prevents her from understanding the world and leaves her just a few memories to cling to. Emotional Swiss animation.
Director: Valentine Moser
Runtime: 5
Country: Switzerland

Denis Prose
A poetic journey through depression. Two passengers in one car represent the two sides of consciousness. Starting in control of the vehicle, a battle for power ensues as Denis Prose grows stronger.
Director: Marvin Sordell, Will Miller & Maxwell Harris-Tharp
Starring: Marvin Sordell & Will Miller
Runtime: 2
Country: UK

Benjamin Howdeshell partners with film icon Milla Jovovich in directing a horror short film-slash-music video for the Berlin-based band Parcels.
Director: Benjamin Howdeshell
Starring: Milla Jovovich
Runtime: 7
Country: USA

A young father wakes to domestic bliss – or does he?
Director: Bobby Serros
Starring: Ashley Dougherty & Freddie Jarret
Runtime: 3
Country: USA

Fuelled by Class A drugs and desperation a couple attempt to capitalise on an unlikely opportunity. Grim American comedy drama that’s not for the squeamish.
Director: Logan George & Celine Held
Starring: Vanessa Wasche & Logan George
Runtime: 12
Country: USA

A Family Affair
Annabelle wakes up in a stranger’s bedroom on her 30th birthday and thinks the day cannot get any worse. But then Bernard walks in…
Director: Florence Keith-Roach
Starring: Floren Keith-Roach & John Standing
Runtime: 13
Country: UK

A snapshot of Ireland brought to life by director Hector for Maverick Sabre’s new single Glory.
Director: Hector Dockrill
Runtime: 7
Country: UK

At the turn of the 20th Century, swaggering inventor Hubert Moss is having a dry spell that threatens to ruin him. Could the young acolyte who shows up at his door be his salvation?
Director: Frank Todaro
Starring: Aaron Serotsky & Bryan Burton
Runtime: 20
Country: USA

The future has come and it seems cold-callers are not just a thing of the past and they are just as unwelcome. Futuristic Russian comedy drama.
Director: Lupashko Alexandra
Starring: Kulik Eugeniy, Lavec Vladimir & Medvedev Vadim
Runtime: 4
Country: Russia