Award Winning Short Films – Edition 5, Discover Film Awards

Best Student Film and winner of the student Craghoppers’ Film Prize

Fucking Drama (Directed by Michael Podogil and Produced by Lukas Zweng)

Category award winners

Best Thriller – Lock & Key (Directed and Produced by Eamonn Hearns)

Best Fantasy – Ovum (Directed by Luciano Blotta and Produced by Luciano Blotta and Sandra Iurcovich)

Best Horror – Where Monster Hides (Directed and Produced by Fernando Rivera)

Best Sci-fi – Laboratory Conditions (Directed by Jocelyn Stamat and Produced by Joe Russell)

Best Micro Sci-fi – A P E X (Directed by Stuart T Birchall and Produced by Jay Euarchukiati and Numinous Pictures)

Best Action – Happy Birthday to Me (Directed by Michael Reilly and Produced by Michael Reilly, Angelica Zollo, Eddie K. Robinson, Sania Jhankar, Shaya Mulcahy, Stuart Valberg, Jason Bash and John Miller)

Best Non Narrative – Travelogue Tel Aviv (Directed by Samuel Patthey and Produced by Gerd Gockell)

Best Music Video – L’oiseau qui danse (Directed and Produced by Jean-Marie Marbach)

Best Documentary – My Big White Thighs & Me (Directed and Produced by Hannah Maia)

Best Micro Doc – The Missing Things (Directed and Produced by Jason van Genderen)

Best International Comedy – My First Time (Directed by Asad Livni and Produced by Udi Efrat)

Best British Comedy – P L A Z A (Directed and Produced by Hannah Hill)

Best Micro Comedy – Lobsters (Directed by Matt Huntley and Produced by Simon Sanderson)

Best International Drama – How Was Your Day? (Directed by Damien O’Donnell and Produced by Emmaline Dowling)

Best British Drama – Spinosaurus (Directed and Produced by Tessa Hoffe)

Best Animation – Pacalien (Directed and Produced by Toshiko Hata)

Best Low Budget – #MementoMori (Directed and Produced by Angus Gibson)

Best Debut – A Turtle (Directed by Gal Sagy and Produced by Nir Yogev)

Best Editing – BEER (Directed by Nick Hayes and Produced by Adam Hayes)

Best Cinematography – Nurse Me (Directed by Kezia Barnett and Produced by Rebekah Kelly)

Best Screenplay – The Bathtub Clown (Directed and Produced by Jamie Maule-ffinch)

Best Actor – Michael Pink (F**cking Drama – Directed by Michael Podogil and Produced by Lukas Zweng)

Best Director – Ben Holman (The Good Fight – Produced by Hermeti Balarin and Ben Holman)

Judges’ Choice – End of the Line (Directed by Jessica Sanders and Produced by Jessica Sanders and Louis Shore)

Audience Award – The Good Fight (Directed by Ben Holman and Produced by Hermeti Balarin and Ben Holman)

Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square

Screening One (15:30 – 17:30)

Cautionary Tales

The stuff of grandmother’s nightmares as old wives’ tales turn out to be true in this comedic British fantasy by Christopher Barrett and Luke Taylor.

Country: UK
Runtime: 8

The Scavenger

A masked survivor is on a life or death hunt in a post-apocalyptic world in this dark sci-fi thriller by Tuomo Mäntynen.

Country: Finland
Runtime: 7


A psychological by Maria Alice Arida thriller follows the seduction of lonely art gallery owner Isabelle by controversial performance artist. Dark days in the art world are brought to light.

Country: US
Runtime: 18

Travelogue Tel Aviv

We join Swiss student filmmaker Samuel Patthey on his six-months travels around Tel Aviv brought back to life by his drawings in this highly evocative animation.

Country: Switzerland
Runtime: 6

The Good Fight

British filmmaker Ben Holman takes us to the heart of Brazil in this brave and inspiring documentary. The film focuses on Alan Duarte who has lost nine close family members to gun violence in his favela community in Rio de Janeiro – time for him to fight back.

Country: UK/Brazil
Duration: 16


Quirky British romantic comedy with a little bite by award-winning director Matt Huntley. True love never did run smooth.

Country: UK
Runtime: 5

Just Molly and Me

Peter pays a visit to his frail grandmother and gives her the gift she’s been hoping for in this gritty British drama by Mary Lee-Wolfe.

Country: UK
Runtime: 15


Student filmmaker Angus Gibson reflects on the life of his late grandfather, Bertie, by giving him a virtual presence in this touching animated documentary.

Country: UK
Runtime: 5

My First Time

Everyone remembers their first time and Maggie is no exception but then for her things went a more than little off message. Comedy horror from Israeli director Asaf Livni who reminds us ‘the first time always hurts’.

Country: Isreal
Runtime: 10

Happy Birthday to Me  

A hitman gets thrown off his killing game by the nostalgia he feels when he remembers it’s his birthday. American fantasy drama by director Michael Reilly starring Whoopi Goldberg.  This is the global premiere of this film.

Country: US
Runtime: 15

Screening Two (16:00 – 18:00)

A Turtle

Niv is having trouble with his pet turtle who appears unable to walk. While pondering the situation he stumbles upon a couple in the desert who throw Niv and his lame turtle into a surreal situation. Israeli comedy-drama from student filmmaker Gal Sagy.

Country: Israel
Runtime: 11

How Was Your Day?

Damien O’Donnel’s dark Irish drama highlights the agonising reality of post-natal depression. Eileen Walsh plays first time mum excitedly awaiting her new arrival.

Country: Ireland
Runtime: 14

My Big White Thighs and Me

It’s a brave filmmaker that puts themselves in a film, and an even braver one to strip down to their undies, but Hannah Taylor throws caution to the wind as she learns to fall back in love with her body and films every freezing step along the way.

Country: UK
Runtime: 25

The Box

Extraordinary animation by Slovenian filmmaker Dušan Kastelic who creates a world of flat-headed creatures guaranteed to make you think outside the box.

Country: Slovenia
Runtime: 12

The Missing Things

Filmed on a smartphone, Australian filmmaker Jason Van Genderen allows us a touching glimpse of his mother’s life as the pair share her battle with dementia.

Country: Australia
Runtime: 4

Where Monster Hides

Fernando Rivera directs and stars in this simple but effective thriller. Nostalgia gets gobbled by fear as it’s dawns on a man that his childhood-self may have predicted his future.

Country: US
Runtime: 8


Hannah Hill introduces us to down-trodden security guard Colin who one night at work stumbles across a mysterious machine in this British comedy sci-fi.

Country: UK
Runtime: 11


When a reclusive fisherman finds a giant egg on his desolate beach and decides to take it home the entire audience will be thinking ….. noooooo! Intriguing Argentinian fantasy from Luciano Blotta.

Country: Argentina
Runtime: 17

Screening Three (15:30 – 17:30)

F**king Drama

An arty ‘Am-Dram’ performance goes spectacularly off-script when interrupted by its psychotic author. Director Michael Podogil keeps tension high in this heart-stopping Austrian thriller.

Country: Austria
Runtime: 17

The Bathtub Clown

A clown wallows in the bath and his own deep thoughts. Is he really the best version of himself? A reflective dark short with a sharp kick by previous Discover Film Award winner Jamie Maule-ffinch.

Country: UK
Runtime: 7


An older sister takes charge of her younger brother for the day, protecting him for a world he is yet to understand. Engaging and emotional  British drama directed by Tessa Hoffe.

Country: UK
Runtime: 14


Visiting earth for the first time the alien visitor is confident he has what it takes to survive in this animated comedy sci-fi by Toshiko Hata.

Country: Japan
Runtime: 11

Hunger by the Sea

With hunger on the increase in austerity Britain. This simply animated documentary by Sue Sudbury heats from some people reliant on the vital work of food banks.

Country: UK
Runtime: 4

Lock & Key

A seemingly innocent chance encounter between two ex-classmates takes a sinister turn. Director Eamonn Hearns keeps us on the edge of our seats with this intriguing micro thriller.

Country: UK
Runtime: 5

Laboratory Conditions

Director Jocelyn Stamet’s glossy American sci-fi thriller is set in a mysterious hospital lab where actor Minnie Driver plays a scientist overseeing dangerous experiments.

Country: US
Runtime: 17

My Sun. My Moon.

Emotional drama from American director Shaya Mulcahy. A mother and son can’t sleep.

Country: US
Runtime: 8


Based on a poem by Charles Bukowski this is a world premier of beautifully shot interpretation of a young man and his addiction to alcohol by filmmaker Nick Hayes.

Country: UK/US
Runtime: 4

End of the Line

Ambitious dark fantasy by Jessica Sanders that finds actor Simon Helberg in a difficult position after being bought by a lonely bachelor.

Country: US
Runtime: 14

Screening 4

Nurse Me

Emerging from the sea’s dark folds, three lone figures are reborn into a post-apocalyptic world. The ‘nurses’ – bearers of solace, fetish and sexual power have returned to where it all began. Kezia Barnett brings the Dance ‘Nurses’ to screen.

Country: New Zealand
Runtime: 10


A stunning conceptual film inspired by the Alien franchise described by the director Stuart Birchall as the ‘Emergence of a hybrid human-alien consciousness from the singularity,

Country: UK
Runtime: 4

L’oiseau Qui Danse 

Created and animated by Jean-Marie Marbach with particles in the spirit of Visual Music this film follows the journey of an origami bird in a mysterious field of light.

Country: France
Runtime: 2