Award Winning Short Films from Edition Four, Discover Film Awards

Best Animation –
AYNY: My Second Eye (directed by Ahmad Salah)
Best Micro Animation – The Sunshine Boy (directed by Naaman Azhari)
Best Non Narrative – Call of Cuteness (directed by Brenda Lien)
Best Experimental – How You Look At It (directed by Wendy Seyb)
Best Romantic Comedy – Jasper (directed by Scarlett Urbano)
Best Micro Comedy – No Pressure (directed by Laurence Donoghue)
Best International Comedy – Red Light (directed by Toma Waszarow)
Best British Comedy – The Lion (directed by Sam Haire)
Best Horror – La Sirena (directed by Rosita Lama Muvdi)
Best Sci-Fi – Breaker (directed by Philippe McKie)
Best Crossover – The Dream Catcher (directed by Matthew Killian)
Best Micro Budget – Wibble Wobble (directed by Daphne Do)
Best Micro Documentary – Team Numbi (directed by Ernest Nkosi)
Best Documentary – The Tables (directed by Jon Bunning)
Best Micro Drama – Domesticity (directed by Rebecca Atkinson-Lord)
Best International Drama – The Hangman (directed by Zwelethu Radebe)
Best British Drama – Dancing Alone (directed by Jane Marlow & Nick Swannell)

Best Debut – It’s Not What You Know (directed by Aaron Abrams)
Best Cinematography – Team Numbi (D.O.P. Motheo Moeng) & The Hangman (D.O.P. Odentse Mwase)
Best Screenplay – Garfield (Written by Myra Appannah)
Best Actor – Jane Marlow (Dancing Alone)
Best Director – Georgi Banks-Davies (Garfield)
Audience Award – Eli (directed by Colin Gerrard)
Jury Award – F**k Steve (directed by Charlie Goodall)
Best in Fest – The Hangman (directed by Zwelethu Radebe)

Official Selections from Edition Four

Saturday 30th September 2017
Screening One (14:00-15:40)

Last Chance
Winner of our last best British drama award, Last Chance meets elderly Roger who lives alone with his faithful dog Chance.  A sinister visit from a ‘Suited Man’ brings out the fight in Roger when the stranger tells him ‘it’s time to go’ in this dark and emotional British drama. 

Director: Steven Chamberlain
Starring: David Hargreaves & Jack Murray
Runtime: 18

30 something hapless Tobes is at the pivotal point in a new romance – will a harmless text bring love crashing to its knees before it’s had a chance to fly? Short British comedy.

Director: Kim Hardy
Starring: John Jesper & Julia Papp
Runtime: 4

Security guards Ralph and George come to blows over the baking of a jacket potato in this imaginative comedy sci-fi. We suggest you don’t try this at home – but if you do – film it!

Director: Devon Dickson
Starring: Joseph Cullen & Tom Moores
Runtime: 6

Emotional British family drama which meets a man struggling with a dilemma and follows him as he reveals an unbearable family truth.

Director: Lainey Lipson
Starring: Alex Dowding, Louis Connolly-Burnham & Emma Wyverne
Runtime: 6

Make Up Your Mind
A welcome return to from animator Miriam Fox with her latest film Make Up Your Mind. An insightful visual stream of consciousness exploring the mental and emotional trials of being a modern, young adult.

Director: Miriam Fox
Starring: Miriam Fox
Runtime: 3

Oh God
A contemporary Kaufman-esque take on the classic horror premise of body mutation. Oh God is a surreal, harrowing tale of a man on the change…

Director: Tom Kingsley
Starring: Jamie Demetriou, Ben Ashden & Arnab Chanda
Runtime: 11

Sunshine Boy
Inspired by the real events surrounding the tragic Columbine high-school shooting. Sinister animation looking at a mother’s blind love for her son who when reading his journal slowly realises he may not be the ideal offspring she imagines.

Director: Naaman Azhari
Runtime: 3

Red Light
In a small Bulgarian village, a bus stops at the only intersection, where the traffic light is stuck on red. The bus driver refuses to move forward until the light turns green to the annoyance of some of the passengers and the local law enforcement. International drama.

Director: Toma Waszarow
Starring: Tsvetan Daskalov, Plamena Getova & Vulcho Kamarashev
Runtime: 21

Team Numbi
This South African micro documentary takes us into the dangerous and thrilling underground world of car spinning and introduces the daredevil young men who risk their lives to entertain the crowds.

Director: Ernest Nkosi
Starring: Muzi Thubane, Samekeliso Thubane & Peter Maganyan
Runtime: 3

This quirky British comedy meets a hungover Krishna waking up on Garfield’s sofa. Krishna awkwardly tries to piece together the events from the night before that brought her into contact with this stranger dressed as the Pink Panther while her family desperately tries to track her down.

Director: Georgi Banks-Davies
Starring: Mandeep Dhillon & Matthew Trevannion
Runtime: 13


Screening Two (15:50-17:30)

An emotional and tragic animation based on true events experienced by the filmmaker himself. Two young Palestinian boys displaced by war are forced to grow up in a refugee camp where they have the same dream as children all over the world to make music. 

Director: Ahmad Salah
Runtime: 11

Russian sci-fi drama.  A woman’s life takes an unexpected turn when mysterious visitors arrive unannounced.

Director: Artem Makarevich
Starring: Daria Makarova
Runtime: 6

A young deaf boy struggles to pursue his musical passion in this emotional French drama.  With the help of his devoted mother can the pair attain their separate dreams?

Director: Niko Mikadze
Starring: Mathieu Denesle & Marie Carpentier
Runtime: 14

The Tea Break
The Tea Break is a dark, British comedy drama which joins two co-workers reflecting on life during their tea break. One is depressed the other believes he has a solution.

Director: Sara Jordan
Starring: Brendan Coyle, Gary Sefton
Runtime: 6

Be My First
In this uncomfortable adult themed Canadian drama a Japanese teenager posts a message online: ‘I’m a high-school student and I’m a virgin, does anyone want to pay to be my first? It has to be tonight’

Director: Philippe McKie
Starring: Saaya Watanabe, Hiroaki Yokota & Yuka Tomatsu
Runtime: 11

No Pressure
A young man is fed up with feeling like he’s going nowhere so he makes a bold decision.

Director: Laurence Donoghue
Starring: Laurence Donoghue
Runtime: 4

In this British romantic sci-fi Jasper, a young, lovelorn inventor, strives to create a time machine to win back his ex-girlfriend but as is often the way with DIY time machines things don’t necessarily go to plan.

Director: Scarlett Urbano
Starring: Joshua Garwood, Matilda Howe & Marie-Sophie de Felice
Runtime: 21

Dancing Alone
After losing her partner Tina, bereaved Jennifer becomes fixated on completing the Observer cryptic crossword.  When she finally completes the puzzle she has just 24 hours to hit the paper’s deadline but can she overcome the real trial by confronting her grief and leaving the house that has slowly become her prison?

Director: Jane Marlow & Nick Swannell
Starring: Jane Marlow, Mary Conlon & Johnny Vivash
Runtime: 15


Sunday 1st October 2017
Screening Three (13:30-15:10)

In Tokyo’s dystopian future, the technologically-enhanced body of a mercenary hacker is overrun by a sentient data weapon.  The parasitic A.I becomes the hacker’s only ally as she is chased across the city by those seeking salvage the weapon with no concern for the wellbeing of its unwitting host.

Director: Philippe McKie
Starring: Yuka Tomatsu, Arisa Hansawa & Kazuya Schimiz
Runtime: 11

The Dream Catcher
In this nail-biting crossover film in which animation and live action bring a young boy’s teddy to life – but will it be enough to save him from the terrors of the night?

Director: Matthew Killian
Starring: Davis Puckett

The Tables
In this American documentary we discover the powerful connection between a pair of outdoor ping pong tables in the heart of New York City and the unlikely group of people they’ve brought together.

Director: Jon Bunning
Starring: Gregory Williams, Wally Green, The After 7 Guys
Runtime: 15

La Sirena
This psychosexual fairytale delivers pearls from the sea as a the inhabitants of a remote fishing are held to account for their sins by a mysterious woman washed up on their shores.

Director: Rosita Lama Muvdi
Starring: Jordan Monaghan, Kesley Reinhardt, Darrel Charney & Vera Cherny
Runtime: 24

After Meteor’s Trail
An animation tribute to advancement of technology, and spirit of exploration.

Director: Delphino S. Huang
Runtime: 2

It’s Not What You Know
A struggling actor has turned to delivering drugs as desperate way to make connections but is surprised when a customer turns out to be someone from his past.

Director: Aaron Abrams
Starring: Aaron Abrams & Carly Pope
Runtime: 10

Wibble Wobble
In this Australian comedy a man tasked with clearing out his deceased grandmother’s house, finds a large jelly becomes a stumbling block when it comes to the sale of her old fridge

Director: Daphne Do
Starring: Alex Chilton, Edward Chalmers & Daphne Do
Runtime: 7

In this stark and compelling British drama a bruised woman takes her revenge.

Director: Rebecca Atkinson-Lord
Starring: Jocelyn Kuritsky
Runtime: 5

Based on a holocaust survivor’s story. A terrorist attack raises uncomfortable questions about immigration, identity and morality. When a group of disillusioned strangers encounter Eli, an elderly man, can the harrowing events torn from his past influence their future?

Director: Colin Gerrard
Starring: David Gant, Kathryn Hanke, Naima Stevenson, Rose Riley, Liz Finch, Tony Wredden, Michael Irving, Andras Miles Jacobs, Mathew Wernham & Edward Scurfield
Runtime: 11


Screening Four (15:20-17:00)

The Hangman
This intense and emtotional South African  drama explores the difficult connection between a prisioner sentenced to death and his guard.

Director: Zwelethu Radebe
Starring: Thato Dhladla, Khulu Skenjana, Lerato Mvelase & Mxolisi Matlabe
Runtime: 32

The Mask
In this insightful and wry British documentary we join Sharif on a coastal walk to his local theatre. Along the way he talks about himself and what it means to have autism, all the while wearing his favourite celebrity mask.

Director: Sharif Persaud
Starring: Sharif Persaud & Al Murray
Runtime: 4

Good Luck Marc
After beating off stiff competition Marc wins the perfect apartment. He plans to stay put for life until after a few months he notices the walls are slowly closing in.

Director: Ronen Eldar
Starring: Benjamin Adnams
Runtime: 13

A Silent Dance Comedy about how love at first sight changes a man’s perspective. With help from his inner theme songs, his environment comes together to support his quest to be with his new-sighted love…or at least, say hello to her.

Director: Wendy Seyb
Starring: Peter Scolari & Tracy Shayne
Runtime: 9

When AI expert Maria is assigned to investigate why an android starts singing in the shower she cannot know that what she uncovers reveals a company secret. Gripping American sci-fi.

Director: Qihong Wei
Starring: Hoji Fortuna, Kelly Fairbrother & Mandy Evans-Brown
Runtime: 12

Call of Cuteness
In this unsettling experimental German animation we watch the epic “cat fail” of the day.

Director: Brenda Lien
Runtime: 4

The Lion
When a fresh faced director tries to please his difficult corporate clients during a tense voice over session the experienced talent reaches the end of his tether.

Director: Sam Buchanan
Starring: Levente Molnar, Julian Stolzenberg & Neil McCaul
Runtime: 9

F**k Steve
A dark comedy exploring mental health and insecurity through the character Steve.

Director: Charlie Goodall
Starring: Jordan Lewis
Runtime: 6