Award Winning Short Films, Third Edition, Discover Film Awards, April 2017

Best in Fest – Citipati (Directed by Andreas Feix, Produced by Francesco Faranna)
Audience Award – Small Steps (Directed by Philip Staal, Produced by Emma Jackson) & Lost Memories (Directed by Eamonn Murphy, Produced by Quintin Ahern)
Judges’ Choice Award – Nathan Loves Ricky Martin (Directed by Steven Arrigada, Produced by Llewellyn Michael Bates, Steven Arrigada, & Bryan Chau)
Best Director – Eamonn Murphy (Lost Memories, Produced by Quintin Ahern)
Best Actor – Bryony Afferson (Small Steps, Directed by Philip Staal, Produced by Emma Jackson)
Best Debut – Pick Your Own (Directed by Matt Peover, Produced by Matt Peover & Adam Byron)
Best Cinematography – On Attend (Directed & Produced by Dimitri Sterkens)

Best British Comedy – Morning After (Directed by Jamie Maule-ffinch, Produced by Tom Ford)
Best British Drama – Last Chance (Directed by Steven Chamberlain, Produced by Simon Waldock)
Best Documentary – Bacon & God’s Wrath (Directed by Sol Friedman, Produced by Sarah Clifford-Rashotte & Sol Friedman)
Best International Comedy – Curmudgeons (Directed by Danny DeVito, Produced by Jake DeVito, Lucy DeVito, Danny DeVito & Joshua Conkel)
Best International Drama – Galamsey (Directed by Lucy LP, Produced by Hannah Blackwell)
Best Animation – Citipati (Directed by Andreas Feix, Produced by Francesco Faranna)
Best Horror – NightmARes (Directed & Produced by James Mansell)
Best Narrative – Mausoleum (Directed by Lauri Randla, Produced by Peeter Urbla)
Best Micro Narrative – Our Wonderful Nature – The Common Chameleon (Directed by Tomer Eshed, Produced by LUMATIC)
Best Non-Narrative – NOW HERE (Directed by Adithi Beatrice Grande, Produced by ASA NISI MASA)
Best Micro Non-Narrative – Detour (Directed by Anna Radchenko, Produced by Ellie Rudd)
Best Sci-Fi – Ctrl-Z (Directed by James Kennedy, Produced by James Oldham & James Kennedy)

Best Student – Uncle (Directed by Fabien Luszezyszyn, Produced by Ecole de la Cité & Mute ‘n’ Play)
Best Low Budget – Braur (Directed & Produced by Graeme Cassels)


Official Selections, Third Edition, April 2017

Pick Your Own
Directed by Matt Peover
Starring Adam Byron & Sophie Robinson
Gentle British comedy set at the height of summer on a pick-your-own fruit orchard in Hampshire, written by and starring Adam Byron with Sophie Robinson. (UK)

Der Block
Directed by Nadine Boller
A documentary visits the Steppes of Kyrgyzstan where the ruins of a Soviet era building is gaining increasing importance in the Nomads’ daily life for a surprising reason. (Germany)

Small Steps
Directed by Philip Staal
Starring Bryony Afferson
After a young woman suffers a miscarriage, she tries to continue her day as if nothing had happened in this gritty British drama. (UK)

Your Date is Here
Directed by Zak White & Todd Spence
Starring Becca Flinn & Dani Tiernan
Having dusted off an old board game, a mother and daughter realise the game holds more evil than amusement. (USA)

Chika, the Dog in the Ghetto
Directed by Sandra Schießl
Chika the dog and five-year old Mikasch are the heroes of this heart-rending animation set in a Jewish ghetto in an unnamed Polish city during WWII. (Germany)

Directed by Logan George
Starring Celine Held & Mia Vallet
While driving to the reading of her father’s will, Catherine is forced to deal with a more pressing event. Two strangers are thrown together but will the dramatic encounter result in a life-long connection? (USA)

Eye of India
Directed by Benn Berkeley
A fast-paced visual journey across India showcasing the diverse culture of one of the world’s fastest developing nations. (UK)

Directed by Lauri Randla
Starring Victor Kotovicz von Lahnberg
This dark satire finds the pathologist Aleksei Abrikosov who embalmed Lenin’s body at the centre of a potentially life-threatening predicament when there’s a small hiccup during routine maintenance. (Estonia)

Our Wonderful Nature – the Common Chameleon
Directed by Tomer Eshed
Starring John Berwick
This amusing animation enters the world of a very hungry chameleon but has he bitten off more than can chew? (Germany)

At Dawn
Directed by Phil Stubbs
Starring Tom Cuthbertson, Josh Harper, Adam Seigel, Torin Pocock & Andrew Goddard
Tense WWI drama follows a British army corporal as he desperately tries to save his young friend from a terrible injustice. (UK)

Working Late
Directed by David Gilbank
Starring Jamie Smelt, Kathryn Hanke & Tom Jackson
A suspicious wife confronts her husband when he arrives home late in this British comedy. (UK)

Directed by Lucy LP
Starring Jean-Pierre Vertus, Kamal Moummad & Mohamed Dione
Impoverished illegal gold miners working across West Africa, armed with only a pick axe, dig 4ft wide shafts 200ft underground in a dangerous quest for wealth. (USA)

The Alan Dimension
Directed by Jay Clinch
Starring Kevin Eldon & Felicity Montagu
Alan Brown uses divine powers of precognition to foresee the fate of mankind…and breakfast in this light-hearted British animation. (UK)

Bacon & God’s Wrath
Directed by Sol Friedman
Starring Razie Brownstone
This engaging documentary meets a 90 year old Jewish woman reflecting on her life’s experiences as she prepares to try bacon for the first time. (Canada

Make Notes
Directed by Miriam Fox
A whimsical micro zoetrope-style animation that’s raided the stationary cupboard. (UK)

The Veiled
Directed by Joshua Long
Starring Monette Lee, John E Regan & Val Lehman
Dark drama unfolds as a dedicated daughter takes care of her disabled father and unearths a few unsavoury family secrets. (Australia) 

My Best Friend is Stuck on the Ceiling
Directed Matthew Vesely
Starring Erin James, Olivia Jane Parker, Thomas Ward & Nick Nemeroff
Connor is secretly in love with his best friend Rach, but can he make her fall head-over-heels in love with her with a mysterious birthday gift in this comedy sci-fi? (Australia)

Directed by Noël Loozen
Starring Marcel Zwoferink
From the window of his fast food-truck Sam falls in love with a bedazzling customer who works in the brothel opposite. (Netherlands)

Last Chance
Directed by Steven Chamberlain
Starring David Hargreaves & Jack Murray
Roger is an old man living alone, until the Suited Man comes to take him away. But Roger has his dog Chance to live for, and he won’t be going without a fight. (UK)

Unlucky People
Directed by Marek Tupy
An arrogant serial killer makes a video to help the police bring him to justice in this grisly dark comedy. (Canada)

Directed by Adithi Beatrice Grande
Starring Antonio Grande & Beatrice Pifano
Now here or nowhere is an elegant portrait of a relationship that has spanned the decades and proves romance never dies. (Italy)

The Horse Whisperer
Director Richard Mullane
Starring Jean François Pignon
A highly visual documentary about Jean François Pignon, whose unique relationship with horses began with a gift from his father. (France)

Directed by Reggie Yates
Starring Tosin Cole & Jessica Hynes
A British drama highlighting the impact of the often subconscious but everyday judgements we all make based on our own life experiences. (UK)

Directed by James Mansell
Starring Victoria Morrison & Ashley Pekri
Put on a headset and step inside a frighteningly immersive virtual reality. (UK)

Directed by Fabien Luszezyszyn
Starring Valentin Merlet, Marie Polo, Vincent Chaumont & Mathilde Jaillette
This dark comedy jumps in the back of a camper van with a heavily pregnant woman, her feckless gangster partner, his undesirable uncle and the girl they have apparently kidnapped. (France)

Directed by Emma Allen
Starring Emma Allen
An animated self-portrait exploring the line of human evolution and a projection of a possible future. (UK)

Directed by James Kennedy
Starring Edward Easton & Kath Hughes
Ed, a hopeless romantic, invents a time machine but even with endless possible outcomes can he win the heart of the girl of his dreams in this British comedy sci-fi? (UK)

Directed by Andreas Feix
This CGI animation follows the plight and fight for survival of a small dinosaur in the horrific aftermath of a cataclysmic meteor strike. (Germany)

Directed by Danny DeVito
Starring Danny DeVito, David Margulies, Lucy DeVito, Sarah Nina Hayon & Kett Turton
The relationship between to senior citizens brings out the best and worst in both their families in this potty-mouthed, romantic comedy. (USA)

Seven Dates with Death
Directed by Mike Holland
Starring Moreese Bickham & Justin Kirkland
The story of Moreese Bickham, the oldest living survivor of death row. In this revealing documentary Bickham describes the crimes that landed him on death row and how, despite the odds, he survived to tell the tale. (USA)

Directed by Anna Radchenko
Starring Nastya Salenko
A surreal tale of a girl who finds herself in a strange hirsute location that puts a new spin on giant hair balls. (UK)

Lost Memories
Directed by Eamonn Murphy
Starring Emmet Kelly, John Kavanagh & Aoife King
Sean races against the clock to get to one last word with his dying mother while struggling to deal with inter-family politics in this emotional Irish drama. (Ireland)

Born Again
Directed by Jason Tostevin
Starring Randall Greenland, Ellie Church, Brian Spangler, Tiffany Arnold & Jordan Fehr
When five bumbling Satanists have their summoning ceremony go horribly right, they’re left to deal with the decidedly holy shit consequences in this American comedy horror. (USA)

On Attend
Directed by Dimitri Sterkens
Starring Alain Van Goethem & Jennifer Heylen
A conceptual approach to the relentless bureaucracy and the hopelessness of undocumented refugees. (Belgium)

Morning After
Directed by Jamie Maule-ffinch
Starring Rachel Bright, Daniel West, Miranda Hennessy & Lewis Maiella
A drunken one-night stand with a posh moron provides Katie with the worst morning of her life. (UK)

Directed by Graeme Cassels
Starring Colin MacDougall & Eddy MacKenzie
A doorstop frog named Bruar is fed up with the lack of manners in today’s society and decides to confront his unsuspecting owner Dave, to teach him a rather polite lesson.

Nathan Loves Ricky Martin
Directed by Steven Arrigada
Starring Verity Higgins, Dennis Manahan & Albert Goikhman
Pauline, a full-time carer for her disabled son Nathan, orchestrates a ruse to form a meaningful connection with the man next door in this dark comedy drama.