Award Winning Short Films, Second Edition of the Discover Film Awards, October 2016

Best Alternative – Perdition
Best Animation – Urban Audio Spectrum
Best Cinematography – Pollen
Best Comedy – Crack
Best Cross-over – The King
Best Documentary – A Man and His Violin
Best Drama – Dunroamin
Best Horror – The Scared One
Best International Drama – As My Heart Beats
Best Micro Budget – Promises
Best Micro Documentary – Rajai 030516
Best Micro Short – A Magician
Best Narrative – Sisters
Best Sci-Fi – Eddie
Best Actor – Bob Golding | Damian Williams | Simon Cartwright – The Last Laugh
Best Director – Eli Stern – Whiskey Sour
Judges Award – Rush Call Clown
Audience Award – The Chop
Best in Festival – The Chop

Officially Selected Films, Second Edition

Damnation: The Flashback
In the swinging Appalachian town of Damnation, when the local mortician dies in the arms of ‘the other woman’, his widow enacts a simple but satisfying revenge.

Alone in an underground facility deep below the mountains, a tired researcher performs endless tests on Eddie, his desperate, mute test subject.

Far Away to Ambon
A glimpse into a hidden watery world.

Final Round
A satirical take on how hard it is to get a bloody job in media. From YouTube ‘phenomenon’ Matt Lacey.

Cuckold Picasso
Pablo Picasso’s ‘1971 Harlequin Head’, thought forever lost in a Romanian fire, is found vividly alive in the disturbed psyche of a tortured man’s soul

Penny from Heaven
Penny is dead. She can’t remember how it happened. All she does know is that she must save the souls of 1000 people before she can get her wings and become an angel. With Niamh McGrady, Sunetra Sarker, Mark Letheren and Derek Thompson.

A sullen recluse learns of a potential pandemic sweeping the nation and is advised not to leave his home. When he realises his supply of tea is non-existent, he must brave the outside.

Rush Call Clown
How a social media post can turn a man’s life upside down.

Urban Audio Spectrum
An audio visualization through manipulation and animation of everyday landscapes.

Whiskey Sour
A career hitman is cosmically outmatched by his next mark.

Two sisters with nothing in common have only one night to come to terms with something that happened in their past.

Jes and Lora
Jes just wants to borrow a can of gas for his stranded car, but farm girl Lora wants to find out more about the stranger. The two troubled souls form an unexpected bond while revealing dark secrets on a lonely trail.

Laura, Lost
Two friends enter an eerie forest to rescue a girl they suspect has been abducted by a sinister woodsman.

Meat on Bones
A tale of strife and self discovery between a man of self imposed isolation and another content in purposeless comfort.

Notorious Corn
It’s the story of a small grain of corn that dreamed about glory.

She knew he would find her. It was just a matter of time. Many people had told her that one day, he would come.

So close but yet so far from home…

The Chop
A charismatic young kosher butcher Yossi loses his job and, failing to find a new one, he decides to disguise himself as Yusuf in order to get work at a Halal butchers. Can he put on a convincing performance and keep his Jewish identity intact?

The Lift
A chance encounter between two strangers (Anita Dobson and Mark Letheren) in a lift is more than it appears to be.

The Palm Reader
A women seeks solace from a palm reader on her birthday.

A Magician
After witnessing a man behave violently towards his girlfriend, someone decides to intervene.

A Man and His Violin
A documentary about a talented homeless violinist who lives and perform in Montreal’s subway station.

As My Heart Beats
A man, a woman. Two existences escaping one another, and getting lost in the dissension of bodies, hearts, voices.

Miss Su, a Korean woman living in New York City, finds her reconnecting with people by selling her services as a ‘mother’ as she copes with a significant loss in her life. After a fall out with one of her longest clients, she’s forced to confront her past mistakes.

Cocaine and Cormorants
Humble birdwatcher Gilbert is relaxing in his favourite bird hide when – bang – he’s suddenly and unwittingly in the middle of an international drug smuggling operation.

A new craze is taking over the streets of London. With fights, street deals and territorial warfare growing ever more dangerous, it won’t be long until it’s out of control.

Friends On A Bench: A Relationship in Six Acts
Two uncomplicated best friends live for their daily lunches in the park until a smooth talking gentlemen slinks into the picture complicating their comfy friendship.

The Scared One
From his window, a child watches his father placing a scarecrow in the garden. During the night, the child can’t sleep and goes back to the window: the scarecrow is not here anymore. At the same time he hears creepy noises coming from the house…

Under The Bed
An unsettling twist on the story of the monster under the bed.

Bedtime Story
Inspired by world events regarding wildlife conservation.

Blind Eyes
A short animation about sexual identity and personal chaos.

Joanna (Sarah Parish) is selling her country home, Steven (Robert Emms) is a prospective buyer. What should be a simple viewing becomes something else entirely…

Lazy Boy
When Ray brings home a new purchase his girlfriend is not impressed. Banished to the garage he soon realizes the old La-Z-Boy recliner he bought home is in fact a one-minute time machine. Will Ray learn from his mistakes or is he destined to repeat them forever?

A long, lost, desolate highway. Three people who are connected in ways that they cannot begin to comprehend. This is an unending fight for survival. This is mankind’s futility. This is Perdition.

Rajai 030516
An intimate portrait of a young stabbing victim in South London.

The Dishwasher

A story about a dishwasher who dreamed of something more, and the prostitute who helped him.

The King
An ambitious kid sets up his first drug deal, but his plans are derailed by a chance encounter with a storytelling stranger in a launderette.

The Last Laugh
The Last Laugh: Three legendary comedians, one very unusual dressing room!

What Next?
Black Comedy about an emergency 911 operator helping a caller in distress… or at least she thinks she’s helping…


A sniper is trapped in a loop.

Illegal Move
In a fantastical world where chess pieces are at war, an honourable White Knight must save his King from his long lost lover, the Red Queen.

Times may have changed, but Carl’s attitude hasn’t. He was always a man of action and still is. After three years sleeping on a little mattress in his garage, he decides to take matters back into his own hands.

Le Risque Zero

A baby is communicating with his parents from inside his mother’s belly and starts to negotiate his forthcoming birth. Naturally, the baby decides to hire a notorious lawyer…