Award Winning Short Films, April 2016, First Edition of the Discover Film Awards

Audience Award – Break
Best Actor – Kathryn Hanke – Polterheist
Best Animation – Nocturnal Butterfly
Best Art Direction – The John
Best Comedy – Mousse
Best Cross-over – I Know You
Best Director – Nick Moss, Break
Best Documentary – Waiting for the t(rain) & Polish Go Home (this award was split)
Best Horror – Barber’s Cut
Best International Film – La Comida
Best Micro-budget – Dragon
Best Sc-Fi – Universe of Scotch and Haagen Dazs
Best Short Short – Star Cross’d
Judges Award – Antoine
Best in Festival – Little Boy Blue

Other official selections, April 2016

“Altered States”

Dragon –  A short comedy featuring Brian Blessed – Morgan receives an unexpected package in the form of a fantastical beast.
Stationary – An insight into one man’s life in a family run printers/stationers in east London.
Tale Of A Tinkerer – Instead of living his life, Alan spends his days tinkering in his workshop attempting to change the world.
The Universe of Scotch and Haagen-Dazs –  Dan Levy goes to get his snoring, pregnant wife a glass of water and meets an alternate version of himself.
Cabron – A young banker attempting to escape from his sins meets an immigrant cleaner but there is more to his new friend than meets the eye.
Break – A drama starring John Hurt and Kika Markham: following a shaky encounter, an elderly couple befriend a young struggling family.
I Know You – Sometimes it doesn’t matter who you are, it’s who they think you are.
Steady Past Your Grandma While She’s Dancing – A maternal family portrait uncovering the unity between four generations of women in one Yorkshire family.
Antoine – Since Antoine, a travelling doctor, no longer takes the time to come and see her, Renée is convinced that she had been a bad mother.

“Deliciously Dark”

What’re you scared of, kid? – Explores the fears we all have as children and why–even as we grow up–we never really outgrow them.
Nocturnal Butterfly – The journey of a butterfly becomes a melancholic metaphor of a human life, lost in an unknown world.
Dying Light – A man wakes up and finds himself stuck in rubble – he tries to find a way out and race for his life.
Wasps Nest – An old man’s uneasy relationship with the wasps living in his chimney comes to a head when a young man breaks into his house.
Early Release – A psychologist conducting a routine assessment places a loaded gun between herself and a convicted serial killer.
La Comida –  Two strangers–a young Latina mother and a starving young Latino laborer–meet on a train and share a meal they’ll never forget.
The John – A dark horror-comedy about the perils of exploring your sexuality.
Polterheist – Two ruthless gangsters from northern England kidnap a psychic to find out where their murdered boss hid the loot.
The Barber’s Cut – Two cut off but living heads wake up in a fridge and manage to escape while trying to avoid a psycho barber.
Star Crossed – A poem about rival ice cream sellers based on Romeo & Juliet

“Online Screeners”

“Toiros e Flores” – Bulls & Blossoms – A tale of the Forcado – A film following Portuguese bullfighters the “Forcados” as they prepared for the “corrida” where they would literally grab a bull by the horns.
A nearly perfect blue sky – Convinced of having contacts with beings from elsewhere, Simon is getting lost one step at a time while his border between reality and nightmare collapses.
A Novel Idea – Jimmy is a man without a past who begs on the side of the road for money, until he meets Harry who gives him a crash course in writing that changes his life.
An Unpredictable Plot – M creates a game of life and death where a woman’s life is placed in the hands of Ryan and Peter
Araneae Dei – A vulnerable child living with an addict parent decides to kidnap God.
Clean Break – It’s about time Ben and Elle split – if only they could agree who’s breaking up with who.
Corinthian – In the world of bare knuckle boxing two people fight for more than victory
Fa Fu – ‘Fa Fu’ ( ‘Skin and Hair’) is a story about a timid woman who begins to lose her hair due to stress, only to find her personality undergoes a transformation as a result.
Fastball – A young boy deals with his grief through baseball.
First Encounter With Authority – Questions the notion of government authority from the perspective of a child.
Huey, Dewey and Luis – 8-year-old Luis and his faithful dog, Dude, spot an opportunity for mischief when a work truck appears in their driveway.
I Exist – A portrayal of Syrians and their children in displaced camps after their homes and schools have been damaged.
Killing Eric -Two business execs struggle with their family life when their nine year old son critically wounds the monster under his bed.
Little Boy Blue – On a rural farm, a lonely girl must face her own dark desires when she discovers a boy held captive in a neighbouring farm’s barn.
Marble – Javier comes to visit Gretel like every year to celebrate her birthday but there´s something different this time
Mousse – A medium length droll and blackly comic tale of an “honest criminal”
Polish Go Home – An unorthodox migration story about a troubled character trying to find his place in the world
Quelqu’un M’attend – It’s a story of a mother and her daughters, living under the same roof but unable to communicate.
Sasha – A gritty story about the life of a young Russian woman struggling to find her way as an illegal immigrant in the U.S.
Sin Cuenta – A poor beachcomber unearths a special object which draws him into an unexpected journey
Situational –  A dark comedy about depression, friendship and chinchillas
Slay Me – Two guys hold a vigil over the body of their friend, waiting to discover if his death-bed premonition will come true
The Fall – Hopelessness drives Sara, trapped in a small cellar, to a primitive existence.
The Flip Side –  An intimate portrait of a marginalised community of small scale fishermen in South Africa’s Western Cape.
The Last Conversation – A 53 year old closeted homosexual that finally comes to terms with his own sexuality
Two Fish – Two Fish is the story of two kids and their creative way of dealing with situations of conflict.
Vardoger – While several murders bloodying the city, a German photographer is persecuted by an unseen presence that follows him relentlessly…
Waiting for the t(rain)  – Two times a week a train passes a small village lost in the desert of Burkina.