– changing the world of entertainment is changing the world of entertainment, for the first time making the exciting genre of short film mainstream. We source the best short films from around the world and give them a platform.

Why short films are great

The best kind of stories are told in short movies. The kind of stories that make you laugh. Or Cry. That entertain, shock and amaze. Best of all, they take up less than 15 minutes of your time. This makes short movies perfect for short journeys, short breaks and short attention spans!

In the early years of movies (1900 – 1920), when people went to variety shows in theatres, short films were the norm. It was only with the introduction of television in the 1930’s and 1940’s, that movie producers started producing longer epic films to get people into cinemas. The internet is reversing this trend.

Against this backdrop the founders of (who have started and run successful global media, technology and data businesses) decided to to create a multi-media platform for short film distribution.

Who we are

What we offer

  • intuitive consumer app
  • multi-media streaming service
  • online interactive filmmaker community
  • rapidly growing film festival
  • cinema and other multi-channel distribution

How we can help brands

  • We can get your brand in front of over 400,000 film makers and other creatives
  • It’s not just about the numbers, filmmakers and other creatives we work with are social influencers
  • We work with universities and other student bodies so can get you talking with the filmmakers of tomorrow
  • We work closely with key decision makers in cinemas, film clubs and content platforms
  • We have 15,000+ active social media followers and 8,000+ members of our own interactive creative community
Our Story
Jan 2016

We attend a film festival

And fall in love with short films…but are surprised to find that it’s almost impossible to find them to watch outside of film festivals…

February 2016

So we set up a website for filmmakers to share their films

And for viewers to watch them. Within the first month we are overwhelmed with short film submissions to the site so…
April 2016

We launch a film festival to show off the most entertaining

Our idea is to keep things small and friendly. Filmmakers fly in from the United States, across Europe and Australia. We succeed in keeping it friendly but within 12 months submissions grow to over 1,000 films – making us the fastest growing film festival in the world.
July 2016

We get frustrated with the lack of distribution for short films

We launch version 1.0 of our app to deliver the best short films directly to viewers. The first is far from perfect but a start…

October 2016

A famous media brand offers to buy us

We are flattered but say no.

January 2017

We have the idea to curate short films into 90 minute sessions with an overall theme

So begin to licence short films from filmmakers with profits going back to them. We market these packages of between eight and ten short films per session to cinemas and film clubs for distribution. And make our first curated package sales to cinemas.

Brands we partner with

We work with a wide range of institutions – a selection are listed below.

What people are saying about us

“The awards show that the Phoenix is not just a cinema with a great past, but one which has an important part to play in the future of filmmaking.”

Michael Palin

“Smart, passionate film-making pros behind this fest, and it shows in what they take seriously (the films and relationships with filmmakers) and what they don’t take seriously (anything requiring fun).”

Fred Casella

“Fantastic festival! Discussed my film and other films with fans and filmmakers throughout the night and into the awards, which consisted of great food, drink and a very fun evening! Highly recommended to get involved with these guys.”

James Mansell

“What a spectacular weekend. Fantastic films, great company, and an abundance of encouragement and inspiration to take away.”

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