– changing the world of entertainment is changing the world of entertainment by making the exciting genre of short film mainstream. We source the best short films from around the world and give them a platform through video on demand, a proprietary mobile app, multi-channel distribution and one of the biggest short film festivals in the world, The Discover Film Awards. We have a creative network of over 400,000 filmmakers from which brands can license existing video content or commission new bespoke films for marketing.

Why exists

The world of film & tv is changing:

  • With viewers, attention spans are getting shorter and the sources of content are fragmenting.
  • With producers, short form content budgets are increasing whilst costs are going down as new camera and editing technology democratises short film production and increase quality.
  • Brands are increasingly getting directly involved in short form creation.
  • Distributors are looking for new forms of innovative, edgy and entertaining content.

However, with all this change supply isn’t meeting demand. Brands can’t find the best new talent in filmmaking, short form filmmakers can’t find the right funding sources and distributors can’t source the best content. is fixing these problems.

How we work with fimmakers:

  • We host one of the biggest short film festivals in the world, The Discover Film Awards, which in 2017 was rated in the global top 100 film festivals out of over 5,000 reviewed by filmmakers on FilmFreeway.  This massively increases the visibility of short films.
  • It’s not just about visibility – The Discover Film Awards offer cash funds totalling over $60,000 annually including the prestigious Craghoppers Film Prize and script winning awards.
  • We get short films seen by a wide audience globally.
  • We help filmmakers find fund raising sources.
  • We advise filmmakers on how to make better films, whether through lectures at universities, seminars or hands on one-to-one advice.

How we work with brands and distributors:

  • We create a unique form of marketing that gives brand exposure across a number of channels.
  • This can be either by licensing a film that has already been made or by commissioning bespoke content from our global network of over 400,000 filmmakers.
  • We have a vast library of short films for distributors and can license content to support any taste or brand values.
  • For licensed content we provide music and other clearances.
  • Content has been pre-tested with real audiences.

Who we are

The team are a mixture of passionate filmmakers, content professionals and entrepreneurs who have started and run successful global media, technology and data businesses.

Brands we partner with

We work with a wide range of institutions – a selection are listed below.

What people are saying about us

“The awards show that the Phoenix is not just a cinema with a great past, but one which has an important part to play in the future of filmmaking.”

Michael Palin

“Smart, passionate film-making pros behind this fest, and it shows in what they take seriously (the films and relationships with filmmakers) and what they don’t take seriously (anything requiring fun).”

Fred Casella

“Fantastic festival! Discussed my film and other films with fans and filmmakers throughout the night and into the awards, which consisted of great food, drink and a very fun evening! Highly recommended to get involved with these guys.”

James Mansell

“What a spectacular weekend. Fantastic films, great company, and an abundance of encouragement and inspiration to take away.”

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