3×3 Short Film

The Portuguese short film 3×3 tells the classic tale of the underdog versus the jock. A janitor spends an evening cleaning a basketball court when he sees a basketball and decides the chance his arm. Needless to say the shot is comically bad and leads to the beefy security guard to ridicule him. Our janitor hero then puts science behind basketball which finally enables him to challenge the security guard to a game… one on one.

The film mostly uses action/reaction shots such as when the janitor misses the shot, we are then shown the the security guard laughing at the footage he is seeing. Their reactions are both in slow motion to emphasize the emotion of the characters within that particular scene. There is also great use of sound with many different techniques used at different points in the film. The majority of the background music in the film is quite upbeat with a slight humorous tone to it which matches the theme of the film.

Nuno Rocha’s debut short film 3×3 has won multiple awards worldwide and you can understand why with it’s family friendly, almost cartoonish, theme. A funny short film you can watch with all the family.

Director: Nuno Rocha
Runtime: 6

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